The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Because why not?

Back at work, plugging and chugging away. After a week off, I feel bad leaving HalfshellHusband at home alone. More and more, retirement is looking like a good idea, though the health insurance issue is the biggest obstacle. Speaking of which...

Hey, did I mention that I'm having a hysterectomy next week? No? I was semi-prepared for it, because anatomical things started to migrate to new locations about 20 months ago. But I'd hoped the solution wouldn't be quite so drastic. Also, the whole episode with The Lumptm was unforeseen. I'm really using that insurance this year. :(

So, I'm getting stuff done while I can, before the surgery and long recovery. That includes excavating part of the yard to remove dead plants (and rotting tree roots) before replanting, and finishing our stupid taxes. Started weeks ago! \o? For After The Surgery, I have lots of books on Kindle and in the physical "to read" pile, and lots of recorded TV. Some of the TV is aspirational (hi, Poldark and Z-Nation!), some of it is new things on Netflix and Amazon.

We've been watching Instinct, and I keep feeling we're imminently going to bail. I like Alan Cumming, but the writing is clumsy, and I don't believe in his character. Also, the fashion sense? *shudders* So much hideous plaid, colored in what I call the Palate of Gastric Distress. Or maybe peat bogs are his inspiration? Still... yuck. Also, HSH protests at the setup not finding a way to let Cumming's character be Scottish, because that's 75% of the fun of Alan Cumming for us.

Need some random amusement? You've probably already seen this epic Twitter thread on stolen fried rice, but if not, it's hilarious. Also, courtesy of an author whose blog I follow, I bring you Die, Demon Cabbage, Die! and the misadventures of a writer without a deadline. There's a pumpkin ghost, which I would never have thought could be a real thing! What's not to love?

So, how are YOU doing?

Tags: fabulous stuff on the internet, me, recs, recs-humor
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