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I was going to do this about a month ago, but better late than never, right? Though there's also more to include, now...

Books: Of the many things I've read over the last several months, two have really stuck with me. The first wass Rose and Poe, a modern retelling of The Tempest from the viewpoint of Calaban and his mother. This was successful both as an homage to the earlier work, and also as a modern drama. I really liked the cleverness of the way in which parts of the original work fitted into the updated setting, and oh, the ache you feel for the injustice of where you know the story will go. The second book was Mister Monkey, in which all of the stories and characters are linked by a production of a terrible children's play. Each chapter is a different POV, and you never know which character will come next—nor how peripheral he or she might be to all the others. The humor is dark and absurd, and yet there is such unexpected pathos, too. A striking book, all the way through.

TV-land: We finished watching Mindhunter (outstanding use of Led Zeppelin's In The Light in the season finale), all of Amazon's Bosch, and started Ozark. A lot of the shows that grab us tend to be dark and intense—especially on cable. The stories are very good, though I would love for the sex and violence to be a whole lot less graphic. The soft-core porn on cable just feels exploitative, and the realistic gore? No thanks! Actually, watching The Good Doctor reminds me again of how much I prefer things implied rather than explicit. I don't want to see the details of a fake operation—save your money and spare my stomach. Urk.

I've been watching How To Get Away With Murder, still solely for Viola Davis. I pretty much hate all the characters at this point, and I just have it on in the background while I eyeroll at the plot and wait for one of Viola Davis' "pull out all the stops" performances. Over the last few weeks, the creator seems to have been off on a fanfic crossover tangent with one of her other shows. Whatever... Where are the light, fun shows along the lines of Burn Notice or White Collar these days?

Movies: We saw The Greatest Showman, which... HalfshellHusband liked it. I enjoyed it apart from the singing and dancing, which really didn't fit with the period. Still, Hugh Jackman.

We also saw Thor: Ragnarok, which was cracktastic. Best movie use of The Immigrant Song ever—twice! I haven't seen any of the other Thor movies (not a huge fan of the superhero genre), but people said this one was fun, and it was true. Oh, Loki, you evil charmer, and how fabulous was that rock monster gladiator? I also liked Tessa Thompson as the sad-eyed Valkyrie. I've seen her in other things, but I always have to look her up as she mentally registers for me as "Not-Lisa-Bonet."

I'm still waiting for Call Me By Your Name to come out on DVD, and shouldn't the Minions Despicable Me 3 be out by now? I don't expect great things from it, but still—Minions! I am overdue for some Minions. \o/

Off to bed now, on the way to another work-week. Be still my heart...

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