The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

So, weeks later...

I still haven't posted my intended Media info-dump entry. What with the extra work before the surgery, the recuperation, and then the extra work after coming back... I just haven't had time. Which means that more stuff has accumulated toward that post, so \o?

Post-surgical news, the lump was fully benign and bigger than I expected-- about 2 inches and sort of ovoid. Had my post-op visit yesterday, and things are looking good. Although there's a big incision (about 2 1/2 inches, yikes), there was very little cutting into the muscle. Just a small cut, and then spreading so the surgeon could remove the lump. That makes a huge difference in healing, so yay! Also, I can start biking outside again tomorrow. \o/ I've been riding the trainer in the garage for the last week, leaning on my left arm and trying not to put weight on the right (where the surgery was done). I'm half T-Rex now, flailing that useless little arm around...

Recuperation time meant reading books and watching movies/TV, and discovering that all the itching I'd had in the days after surgery was not the anaesthetic's fault. Augh-- the only painkillers left in the U.S. seem to be related to codeine, which makes me itchy and restless. Manageable during the day, but it keeps me awake at night. Suckage. :(

I saw a rainbow beanie baby hedgehog at the store the other day that honestly could as easily have been a rainbow pig. Not one of the better toy hedgehog efforts. But in Googling around for it, I came across some wonderful crocheted hedgehog pieces:

I would totally make this hat, and this other one as well. There's also this entire hedgehog family and this single hedgehog variant. And how cute is this hedgehog with a mushroom?

The actual truth here is that I remember maybe one crochet stitch, probably courtesy of muscle memory. I have no idea how to do any of these neat shaped creations. But they're so cute. I feel I should somehow try. :)

Tags: cute, cycling, hedgies, me, recs-crafts

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