The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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Duh-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-duh-na-na-na-na-na-na-na... BATMAN!

Awhile back, I mentioned seeing LEGO Batman on a Target TV commercial. One of you said that "Batman plus LEGO lobsters" was a reference to the LEGO Batman Movie, which prompted me to move it up in our Netflix queue. Oh, man...

Right from the beginning, which features LEGO Batman narrating the unfolding of the producers' credits and free-associating on what they mean (or don't, or might), it's clear that The Weird will be freely embraced. I rewound parts of the movie to revisit the Joker's cadre of evil (which included Polka-Dot Man and Condiment Man) and some of Batman's rejected disguise costumes. There was also the Bat-tantrum, which involved flopping around the floor in various L-shaped rotations and shouting, 'No! No! No!". Overall, I also love how clearly Batman hates the Bruce Wayne part of his life. Bruce Wayne really IS a guy who lives in Batman's attic, in both a physical and emotional way. Bruce is the mask Batman is sometimes forced to adopt in order to deal with the real world...

In TV viewings, I'm kind of aggravated with The Blindspot. I had a real weakness for Woobie!Roman, and RelentlesslyEvil!Roman seems to lack convincing motivation. Also, I've just wanted to smack Jane these last several episodes. Mysteriously, Zapata is evolving from a soldier into a fashion plate, and I'm wondering why the major shift in style and clothing? Going from pants 24/7 to skirts and dresses 24/7 seems pretty extreme to me. I've always found pants much more comfortable, and dresses wouldn't have been prohibited earlier, so why the sudden change? Apart from male demographic appeal, I mean, since that bleeds into a lot of areas independent of what's true for a given character.

For The Blacklist... I was not expecting the smoking hot chemistry between Ressler and his nemesis (I'll call him The Fixer). Whoo. I wish the series had done more with that. Also that the mid-season events would have turned out to be a "No wait, not really!" development instead of something that actually happened. :(

In personal news, I have a date for the surgery to remove The Lumptm. The biopsy results were benign, but they want to get this thing out and make sure that's true overall. And also to keep it from getting larger. It's between muscle layers, so there may be some awkwardness in getting all of it (and not wreaking too much havoc on the surrounding muscle). Here's hoping there are no side-effects with nerves in the arms or pecs afterward...

False Spring arrives in a few days, a little late this year (we've passed the end of January). Highs around 70 are expected here, for perhaps 7-10 days? No idea how far back toward winter we'll lapse afterward. This is one of the weird things about this part of the Northern Sacramento Valley. We have false spring nearly every year around this time, and overall our worst winter weather is in December. January and February are usually a little milder. Everywhere else I've lived, January and February are the worst months. Aka, when you're hating the December weather, you also know it's only the beginning...

This is probably not a welcome idea to those of you in the northern and eastern parts of the U.S., where record cold weather is on the rise. :(

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