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At three weeks post-CT, but still no biopsy appointment yet. Nagged the GP yesterday, so she's prepared to nag radiology all day today until they schedule something...

This past weekend, we saw The Shape of Water, which was really something. Such an interesting story, and it has such an individual style and approach. Some moments were a little TMI or too gross, some were drily humorous or weird, and others (like the opening, dreamlike scene) were just beautiful. Overall: amazing. And I say that having seen and really liked Lady Bird and Three Billboards.

Meanwhile, in TV entertainment, HalfshellHusband finally gave iZombie a try, and is up to early S2. He'll soon have caught up to The Boy, and eventually, me! Meanwhile, with some cold days over my time off, and now some intermittent rain, I'm plowing through more of Buffy, S4 during my garage-biking sessions. I'd forgotten how sweet Riley was, and what a jolt to recognize the actors playing his two closest friends. One is on Major Crimes now, and the other was on Saving Grace. Meanwhile, the rewrite of Willow's intellectual and sexual leanings continues. The first is just wrong for who she used to be in High School. The second is not well-substantiated by her past, but the evolution is believable. Not the long-term arc, but in the now? Yes. Meanwhile, where is Giles getting his rent money? \o?

We've seen one episode of The Chi, and will give it at least one more episode. Kind of disturbingly feasible (as in, depressingly real), and features too much softcore porn for my liking. Especially when the most explicit scenes involve a high school character-- makes me feel compromised as a viewer!.

Speaking of uneasy sexuality, the Jack Reacher Trip Wire novel I'm now reading includes his reunion with someone he last knew as a 15-year-old when he was 24. I can sort of deal with a setup like, "We were never that close, and yowza! She grew up gorgeous!", but revisiting past thoughts of attraction that were halted by "If only she wasn't just a kid. And she probably thinks of me as an uncle anyway." is just Ewwww. Ew, ew, ew! A teenager's crush on an adult friend-of-the-family isn't that uncommon, but when you work it from the other direction? Yuck. And you know, "yuck" is not how I like to think of Jack Reacher.

This weekend: Leaves? Weeds? Pruning roses? Or tackling some of the issues inside the house? It all depends on whether it rains. And then, of course, how much motivation I actually have, vs. the aspirational amount that only lasts until it's time to knuckle down and DO stuff. \o?

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