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Only Tuesday?

Back at work, and ooh, is it hard to focus. Still, the three weeks off was great!

In addition to being with the kids and going up north, I spent a lot of that time getting caught up on various medical things I've been meaning to do. One of those was to get a new eye prescription so I could try contact lenses for mono-vision. Others were for various annoyances, with some snowballing...

So, mono-vision. After LASIK surgery, I was left with a sharp eye and a slightly nearsighted eye, but the weak eye was also the dominant one. That doesn't tend to work for mono-vision (the brain just doesn't adjust-- I've had 12 years to prove it!). That means I needed two lenses, one to make the left eye nearsighted and one to sharpen the right eye. It's working pretty well for reading, but not for driving (especially at night). The corrected right eye isn't as sharp as the uncorrected left eye, so not good enough to read street signs well in advance. Plus, I'm still trying to persuade my brain to use the right eye for distance. It isn't great for biking either, since traffic comes from the left, and I feel like I have to turn my whole head to really see that direction. Urk. But worth persevering...

Other medical stuff included an Obgyn visit for age-related issues. She thought she found a small lump in one breast, and requested an extra mammogram. That area was actually okay, but I found a lump much higher up while we were doing the mammogram. The radiology department did extra mammograms and an ultrasound, and decided the lump should be biopsied. I went in for that, but the lump appears to be under the muscle, and the breast-health team doesn't mess with those. New appointment for CT scans, which were done last week. I waited to hear about the next course of action, but I think I fell between doctors at that point, so I asked my G.P. to follow up. There's still quibbling about which group should do the biopsy, and there is the possibility that it's a cyst instead. I'm crossing my fingers and really clinging to that idea. Kind of in limbo right now. /o\

Too cold and/or wet to go biking for the last several days. This is the part of the year where I feel like I lose all will to live, where biking outdoors is concerned. It usually covers about 4-6 weeks, depending on how long the cold weather lasts (December is the worst month in Sacramento). It would be great for running, except that I still have plantar fasciitis, so no. I biked in the garage this weekend instead, where I've entered S4 of the Buffy rewatch. I'd forgotten that Wesley showed up in Season 3. I really loathe that character, and I'm not terribly fond of Faith. The Mayor and Mr. Trick, though, what a loony duo! The show lost a lot of its charm when the characters graduated from high school, but it was still awfully good. The final season, though... dreading it already.

In other viewing, Halfshellhusband and the boy and I watched Kung Fu Yoga this past weekend via Netflix streaming. We all have a weakness for Jackie Chan's comedies and his creative fight-scene choreography, so we thought we'd give it a try. Wow. Some of Chan's movies are just vehicles for fight scenes and travelogues (not that there's anything wrong with that), but this one was a whole new category of over-the-top. Ignoring the ancient elephant-army fights and hidden ice caves and all that, let me just say... lion in the car during a chase scene. LION. So, there's that. Also a dance production number at the end of the story. \o?

Theater-wise, we might see The Shape of Water this weekend. Why isn't Armie Hammer's slashy movie playing in town? I'd hoped to see it with our daughter, but it hasn't come here yet, and I'm pretty sure HSH won't want to see it. I'm not sure I want to see I, Tonya, but I'm intrigued by what I've heard of Allison Janney's performance. This is pretty much the case for Willem Dafoe in The Florida Project and Christopher Plummer in All The Money.

All right, it's bedtime and then some. I'm always tired during the work week, because I just don't have enough down-time and I'm up too late in the evenings. Avoidance, you say? Could be...

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