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Happy New Year, Everyone!

Why, yes, I am running late. We've been up to Oregon and back, and lazing around enjoying having our kids here, which ended... today. Too soon! I had thought they were going home tomorrow, which was still too soon, but our daughter (current arbiter of the kids' car) wanted to get back a day early. :(

I hope you and yours have been enjoying some time off, though I know some of you are caught up in some really nasty weather. This is where global warming denial fails to pay off-- in the end, the weather wins, regardless of whether people believe in it or not. Meanwhile, Anchorage is tracking Eugene weather, and has been warmer than Florida. Though Florida is raining frozen iguanas, which you don't see every day.

We have been watching TV and movies over the break, noticeably Office Space, partly because I find Ron Livingston adorable, but mainly... Milton. All the Milton! For some of us, the person-to-cake ratio will always be too high, and someone needs to speak for us! Or, at least, mumble...

I binge-watched most of S1 and S2 of iZombie with our son, whom I knew would probably get a kick out of that show. This was because I still haven't finished watching S3, so why not? I still love Ravi, and everyone else. Major's story is even more tragic in fast-forward. :( Those of us watching Stranger Things finished the second season, and we progressed a bit more through The West Wing while our daughter was here. It has been very hard to watch that show since the 2016 election (much like Designated Survivor), with all of those noble aspirations of what government could and should be having been crapped on by the Trump voters. Argh. The other slowdown is that S6 and S7 of West Wing have not really focused on the parts of the show I enjoy. The campaigning stuff doesn't really interest me, much as I like Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda.

And I'm afraid to watch the latest season of Z Nation, due to possible casting changes. I remain unspoiled, but also still in dread.

I finished reading Robogenesis over the break (sequel to Robopocalypse). Really interesting, with the plots beneath plots and the many POVs (not all of them human). The author used the method of Neuronal ID to flag the POV in most cases, which worked well as it covers both humans and non-humans. Looking forward to the next installment, which is not yet finished.

The journey to Oregon was uneventful (thank goodness!), but the Portland family members didn't make it down to Eugene. I'm really leaning toward not making that post-Christmas trip anymore. The kids hate the long drive, it takes us four days of vacation (two devoted to the driving up and back), and I find myself resenting the lack of effort on the part of the Portland contingent, one of whom has reduced her participation to a grudging half-day visit. We've made that trip all but 3-4 Christmases of the last thirty years, and it has been so one-sided. It might just be better to fly my Mom down here instead, rather than stew over the underwhelming response from everyone but her.

But, we did see something impressive on the drive back: a rainbow halo around the sun, going South on I-5 near Medford. I've never seen one of those before, though people have names for that. So cool! It would have been a complete circle except that the bottom was below the horizon.

More news later, but at least I've gotten this out. Only took me a week!

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