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Still lurking on the periphery here. I can't really check up on my friends-list during the day anymore, so I haven't been as present as I'd like. Mainly working, bicycling, trying to get Christmas shopping done, and hoping to get that Yuletide story done before the deadline! But also... entertainment.

We saw Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri last weekend. It was fantastic, more of an independent-type film than a typical release. The characters were interesting, three in particular moving through different arcs of destruction and growth. The story has a raw, human way of highlighting our ability to take situations born out of grief or frustration and make them worse. Terrific performances, too.

I've finished quite a few books, with some standouts:
  • Rose & Poe, a modern retelling of The Tempest from the perspective of Calaban and his mother. The reworking of the original story was skillful and clever, and you feel for the characters and ache for the inevitable injustice that finds them.

  • Strange Weather, a set of four novellas by Joe Hill. These were more sci-fi than supernatural, with the two outer stories being the best. Hill has such creative, interesting ideas.

  • Agents of Dreamland. What if the end of the world is just an accidental side-effect of someone's obsessional delusion? This one is told in various POVs, each with discrete positions in time, and it's the kind of thing I could totally see Cislyn writing, in content, form, and style.

  • Oh, and speaking of items that are entertaining, I ran across more fun stuff at Amazon. First, some earrings (and I am SO glad I'm old enough not to care that I like things just because they're cute): Black cat with moon and star, beautiful cobalt sea-glass, clockwork Steampunk, chubby T-Rex chomp, and Baby Groot! Also some dresses, which seem to be popular with women of all sizes, and feature unusual graphics patterns: blue moons & stars, green batik celestial stylishness, and blue pterosaur extravaganza! Because who doesn't want something that offbeat? \o/

    So, how are all of you doing in prepping for the various holidays? Or, for that matter... the horrible, horrible cold?

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