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I finally got my new bike correctly adjusted (seat, pedals, etc.) and started riding it the weekend before last. YOWZA! I've been lamenting my inability to rebuild speed for years now, and finally decided I was just getting old. My first test ride on the new bike (bike #3), I discovered the gear between "too fast" and "ugh, too hard" that has been missing since I went from my first bike to the second one. OMG-- I went all the way to my longer distance of 24 miles, and averaged 17 miles an hour. I haven't seen that number in so long. The verdict, after a week of further rides, is that the gear sets on Bike 1 and Bike 3 are much better suited to me. Damn, what a difference. \o/

In non-biking news, we had a nice Thanksgiving with the kids and some relaxation (in and around their homework and studying). We did not put up Christmas lights. I used to try to get that going over Thanksgiving, but I'd rather put it off and freak out over a weekend instead of wasting a good block of downtime. Meanwhile, some of our neighbors really got an early start. A couple of weeks ago, we even had a house with a Christmas light display right across the street from one still festooned with pumpkin lights. And no, the pumpkin people were not running behind schedule. :O

Saturday was nearly perfect. Our son was home studying all day (after one of his have-all-the-guys-sleep-over events, and why is that always at our house?), so he didn't really participate. But we had brunch at Tower Cafe with our daughter (french toast all around, because their rendition of it is glorious), and then saw Lady Bird at Tower Theater. What a neat little movie, courtesy of Greta Gerwig, who grew up in Sacramento. Her love for the city really comes through, and the story manages to be quirky while feeling utterly true. Really glad we saw it.

Still haven't found HalfshellHusband's missing present yet. Geez, WHERE did I put that?

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