The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors


I am 99% certain I pre-bought a Christmas gift for HalfshellHusband that I have now hidden from myself. I have a regular storage place for those things, so why didn't I put it there? WHY? \o?

In a further nod to the Shopping Season, I stumbled across a few finds at Amazon while trying to look up who made the cool Boom Buddy squid-creature that sits in our kitchen window (to amplify I-pod music): Fall-themed earbuds (there are others by that manufacturer, including owls, a gnome and mushroom, and more), a T-Rex Tea Infuser, a math-nerd clock, and a neat Paris-inspired wall clock. If you check all the offerings, there are about ten pages of weird, and who doesn't need a self-growing Yeti or an inflatable pug?

Also, if you search for "cute earrings" at Amazon, you'll get a ton of interesting stuff, including handcrafted things and a surprising variety of hedgehog earrings made of wood, silver, and other materials. :O

That is all...

Tags: fabulous stuff on the internet, random

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