The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors


I apparently used my powers for evil and not for good last night: I killed our washing machine. Now the laundromat looms in our future, not to mention the grief of buying a new major appliance. /o\

On the plus side, our son is home for the weekend, which is really nice. This is a little earlier than we thought we'd get to see him, in our revised reality. The original idea, back in, oh, mid-summer? We thought we'd drive down and visit this Fall, and see our daughter too. After HalfshellHusband broke his leg, I couldn't even go on my own, because HSH needed someone around. "Stay off your feet, use the walker, and don't fall again" didn't really allow him to buy groceries or cook food. He was liberated from the walker to the cane last week (the week before?), which has really helped. But still, no long car trips for him for awhile. At least the recovery is less painful than the hip replacement surgery.

Our son introduced me last night to a video series of comedy shorts based on If Google was a guy.... I.e., if you were going to a person for the things you use Google for. Good stuff! Never heard about the barrel roll thing before now. :O

In other home news, I've entered S3 in the Buffy re-watch during garage biking. I was never a huge Faith fan, but I see Mr. Trick rolled into town at the same time. Cracktastic! We've also begun re-watching a different series on Amazon for Yuletide reasons (cryptic phrasing is cryptic). I need to get started on my Yuletide fic assignment, and get the fandom's voices and details back in my head. Hoo—it's been more than two months since I last wrote anything, the longest stretch in the 12 years I've been writing. Not that I'm letting that worry me. *La la la la la la*

Speaking of writing, it's like a ghost town around LJ right now. The November NaNo effect always hits the f-list hard. :(

Tags: fambly, my_kids, random, recs-vids

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