The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

New bike on the horizon...

from riding my current bike into the ground. It seems like I just got the bike I have now, but it was actually more like 12-13 years ago. We'll probably visit the bike store tomorrow with new pedals/seat/etc. to be put on, and try to get it fitted well for me. Mainly, can we reduce the reach to the handlebars? That's always a problem (long legs, short torso), but the hardware setup on the old bike didn't allow for many modifications. I'm hoping the new one will be more flexible.

TV-wise, we saw the Star Trek Discovery premiere, but no further episodes. The Klingons were a big turnoff-- I hit my limit on them with the other more recent Star Trek shows. Why doesn't anyone want to explore the Romulans? Or, I don't know, some original ideas?

While channel-cruising, you sometimes spot shows or movies with interesting names, like Swamp Loggers, or Darkman, or Leprechaun In The Hood. Can I even begin to express the disappointment of coming across Bizaardvark and discovering that it is NOT in any way a show about actual aardvarks? Even animated ones? I feel so betrayed...

Halloween is on the horizon. What are you giving out at your house? :D

Tags: cycling, me, tv

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