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14 December 2017 @ 11:31 pm
LJ Idol Season 10 Stories  

LJ Idol Season 10

Original Fiction Entries:

Week Prompt Story
-1 LJ Idol Participation Announcement if e.e. cummings
0 Introduction A Day In The Life
1 I need the struggle to feel alive Chasing The Dream
2 That one friend Against All Better Judgment
(Various) A Story In Four Drabbles
4 “I don't skate to where the puck is.
I skate to where the puck is going to be. "
The Next Big Thing
5 Fear Is The Heart Of Love Love 4 You
6 Heel Turn No Thanks!
7** Where I'm From On The Other Side
8** No Comment The Notorious B.U.N.
9** The Trolley Problem Streetcar Scoundrels
10 Take a hike! Managerial Discretion
11 The Blue Hour The Kingdom Between The Shores
12** Salty The End Of An Era
14** Campfire Stories Burn, Baby, Burn
15** Patchwork Heart The Truth Shall Rise
17** The Rent I Pay Crown Villas
18 Location, Location, Location How The Other Half Lives
19** Invitation Under Cover Of Night
21** Current Events Not With A Bang
22** Turn Back Or Forge Ahead? A Modern Knight Or Errant Fool (Choose your own adventure)
23 Backing The Wrong Horse On A Hoof And A Prayer
25 The Waffle House Index Improbable Statistics
26** The Goal Is Zero The Big Zero
27** Be patient and tough;
someday this pain will be useful to you
28, #1 Fatal Flaw Flaw Fatale
28, #2 Going Forward Safety Starts Here!

Non-Fiction Entries:

Week Prompt Story
3 Brushback Pitch Bring It On Home

My own favorites among these are marked with '**'.

With so much office stress over this long, long season, a lot of what wanted to be written was crack. SO MUCH CRACK! It was a lot of fun to let my brain unhinge itself into utter weirdness, and I'm just glad so many readers found it fun as well. :)