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So, while the rest of life seems like a rotating chore chart, there have at least been some entertainment breaks along the way. Here goes:

We finished watching Shetland, which was over all too soon. The story arc grew hard for the character we think of as "comic-relief Tosh", and I kept half expecting Jimmy and Duncan to get together, thanks to Duncan's flirty chemistry with Jimmy (and just about everyone, really). A fourth season has finished filming, which we hope will come to Netflix soon.

Shetland looks as if it was filmed during the summer, in the sunniest and most beautiful part of the year, like a tourist pitch for Scotland. The Welsh series, Hinterland, is just the opposite. It aims for more of a noire effect, set in and around the Cambrian Mountains (which are bleak and sparsely populated) and looking like the tail end of winter—dead grass, glowering skies, and breath-fog temperatures. Wales is a beautiful country, so it's clear that unwelcoming atmosphere is deliberate. Season 3 just went up on Netflix, and we snapped it up. More seasons would be nice, but I don't know if they're planned. The storyline tied up well in S3, so that could be it. :O

The dearth has caused us to sample The Break (I don't much like the main character there) and Death In Paradise (silly fun). We had previously watched Dr. Foster (and wound up hating almost every character in it) and Paranoid (much better). But a Luther re-watch tempts me, just for better quality.

I rat-holed down some Barns Courtney music last week, because I like Fire. The bluesy sound of his music is great, but the choruses often go farther into "pop" than I can generally tolerate. I stumbled across Glitter and Gold, which I did like, and then a video collaboration for it that really grabbed me. It seemed an odd music choice for Marvel, but then I realized it was a fan video, not a Marvel production. Vidders may scoff, but the presentation of the Marvel universe tied in really well with the music, and the video made striking use of all parts of the music (always a huge plus in my book!) So often, 'signature' music themes or moments are ignored in video (and dance choreography), and that drives me nuts. Here, they were used and even highlighted—and tightly so. In a word, from my naive perspective: \o/

Have I mentioned my worthless MP3 player? I bought it last Xmas, after my iPod Nano went from "I will never download new playlists for you again" (which is iTunes' fault) to "What is this on/off button of which you speak? I will not play music at your command! Now go away while I drain your battery..."

The new MP3 player looks pretty, and has lots of memory... but almost no functionality and no firmware updates! \o? So, it's useless for playing music. I've never tried to let it just play its contents in order (alphabetical playlists— kill me now), but on "random" it skips to exactly the same songs every time, in sequence. Plus, once you've paused it or it's gone into sleep mode... when it wakes up, it goes back to the beginning of your playlist and does the whole thing over again. Identically. It's maddening.

I gave up on music, and I'm using it for podcasts instead. So, at our daughter's urging, I started Serial. Wow, I am hooked. I'm in the last episode of Season 1, and desperate to find out what the "truth" is, assuming they find it. I have Within The Wires waiting, and more of The Orbiting Human Circus Of The Air. And of course, Nightvale. So, while I'm not singing during my commute to/from work now, at least I'm entertained. Really, the final straw toward podcasts—apart from the M3 player—was that our local alternative radio station is veering toward pop/rap/reggae, all of which I hate, and another has gone to an "80's as oldies" format (*cries*). I can't change any presets on the car stereo to other stations unless we buy a new dashboard display unit for the Prius, so it's CDs or an auxiliary unit for now. I need to find a different MP3 Player for music. My birthday's coming up, so if I can find a gift for HalfshellHusband to buy me, he'll be pleased.

Will I get Halloween decorations up this year? The thought of NOT doing it is sad, but there are so many endless chores at home on weekends, and I'm there so little on weekdays. *sigh* I need elves. And by that, I mean elves other than HSH sneaking around and doing stuff he shouldn't, while I'm still in bed. :O

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