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Last Tuesday, HalfshellHusband had a blackout fainting episode at the house, and fell. He hit his head (no concussion), and he fell hard on his hip... which has several cracks at the top of the femur. No surgery so far, but he could be pretty immobile for the next three months or so.


This is the third major broken bone recuperation in less than two years, and in a few weeks my helpers will be off at college.

I just feel so tired thinking about it, and HSH has it worse, since he has to go through that healing and recuperation yet again. He was enjoying riding his bike again, and doing well apart from those spells of dizziness and loss of equilibrium. But it took Kaiser too long to get to the root cause of that problem, so the inevitable fall happened instead. :(

UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh. I wasn't able to take a lot of vacation in the Spring, with my office's schedule, and that stretched into Summer. I was hoping to travel this Fall, but now... even going by myself, there'd be some concern about whether HSH needs looking after

WHY? I spent the first two days of this 3-day weekend madly cleaning bathrooms and trying to get as much squared away as I can. HSH is our cleaner, but he is not good about floors of any kind. Plus, in the passive-aggressive standoff between him and our daughter over who was supposed to clean the upstairs bathroom, period, I was the loser. HSH wasn't even able to get upstairs for about a year. After he fell off his bike in October 2015, he broke his wrist and kicked off an angry accelerated path of destruction in that pre-arthritic hip. Then it was hip erosion/replacement/rehab, once the problem became known. Plus, painkillers don't do much for him. All the opioids are blocked by another medicine he has to take, so once again he's treating broken bones with... aspirin. \o?

I feel like I've been in one sort of "wait it out" mode or other for ages now, and this is just so disappointing. And again, I know HSH feels that way too, and worse, so I can't even really say too much about it. *sigh* :)

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