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And... *thud*

We got home last night (-ish) at 1am, after a long, long day of travel and a visit to the National Portrait Gallery with our daughter. She was right—there WAS a lot to see there. Parts of the Civil War section (the Emancipation Proclamation with Lincoln's image via the text! Johnson's betrayal of Lincoln's promise to slaves depicted as Iago undermining Othello!) were geek-tastic. The travel home part began at around 5pm, with Ubering to the airport, and the first flight of two left at 7:30. I SO wish I'd remembered that we'd be leaving at dinnertime, and flying for 3 1/2 hours. That was one uncomfortable flight. The second, after a speed-search for food at Denver before boarding the plane, was mostly an issue of staying awake. Also, the newer 737 planes? The passenger seats are smaller front-to-back than their predecessors by at least 1.5 inches. Long-legged people, beware. :(

It's the last day of voting for Idol, and I'm not faring well in the polls, but still hopeful! My two entries are here and here, and links to voting polls (two) with all entries are at the bottom of each. Please read and vote if you can!

The cat was extremely happy to see us, and we let her sleep in our son's bed last night. He wonders why we don't let her do that every night, but that will make his leaving for college all the harder on her! She does go up and snuggle with him every morning, though, and he just leaves his door open as it's easier than being awakened by her scratching at the door to be let in...

Other news: any questions I might have had about whether my plantar fasciitis was getting better are DOA. Ugh. My feet (arches especially) hurt a lot with all that walking and standing over the last week-plus, and they're back to that early morning pain again. This is after more than a year of time off from running, which has been longer than I wanted! Stupid feet. Why must you fail me?

During our travels, I tripped on an ill-placed rock at a cafe our second morning there, and fell hard and spectacularly. Nothing broken, I think, but major bruising on the rump and arm where I made contact, and I jammed a finger that is still swollen and sore. No injuries for HalfshellHusband, though all the walking was tiring (and yet he made it) and his feet hurt a lot (terrible shoes). He had some dizziness episodes, but not many—which was better than we expected, given what was happening before we left.

Yesterday, an articulated bus had an accident in DC's Chinatown, right next to where we had lunch. I thought the heavy rear bus caved in through one of the construction plates covering a large hole, so that the street ate one of the bus tires, but it may be that the bus skidded on a plate? Hard to say—the road was completely dry, and the accident happened awhile before we got there. I'll bet the bus driver was worried about job security after that, though it was kind of a freak accident situation. :O

Okay, better get back to work and unpacking. It's our son's birthday today, so everything is in flail mode. Including the sky! Though actually, not so much here, sadly. We're in an unimpressive locale for the eclipse...

ETA: I still think that bus accident involved tire-eating. One of the construction plates was really bent, and also, if you stop a rear tire on the back half of an articulated bus, the front will swing around like that—kind of the obverse of a jackknifing truck if you brake too hard from the front.

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