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Supernatural Gen Drabbles on "Pain": Agonies of the Soul

Title: Agonies Of The Soul
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: John, Dean, Jess, Sam (Gen)
Rating: PG
Summary: 4x100 drabbles written belatedly for the supernatural100 challenge on “Pain.”


Post Mortem (John)
Attachment and loss. It’s the pattern of his life.

His parents are gone—far too early, but he doesn’t make the rules.

Friends from childhood don’t understand him, not since he came back changed from the war. Not all the men in his squadron made it home; those that did are often strangers to themselves, just like him.

With Mary, what he had was perfect. No telling how he got that lucky-- he never knew.

Now it’s gone, like everything else he’s lost.

His past was laid to rest with Mary. Now his future might be truly gone as well.

Crushed (Dean)
Dean lost his mother when he was only four. It’s the kind of thing that changes someone forever, and he’s long forgotten who he was before all that happened.

He’s broken legs—some of them the way other children do, some because of things other children see only in nightmares. He’s been thrown across rooms by demons and gashed by Hell Hounds. The icy fingers of a vodoun priestess once stopped his heart.

But nothing—not any part of it since his mother died—can prepare him for the sharp agony of watching Sam get on that bus to California.

Cry Of The Spirit (Jess)
Her mind is blank for the longest, strangest time. How did she get here? What happened after the door flew open?

She wants someone to tell her, to explain this impossible feeling. It’s like she’s frozen, unable to reason or move, while time stretches toward nothing from a past that whisper-slips beyond the parts she remembers.

She drifts, returning to find Sam staring at her in horror from their distant bed.

She sees it in his eyes, his torment hers. If she could, she’d tell him the only part that hurts is knowing what all of this does to him.

Clarity (Sam)
It might have begun with Jess, but he isn’t sure. He saw so many things through the years— monsters, people dying, families destroyed. They assaulted his sleeping mind with no anchor to the world he knew.

He never said anything. Given what they did, what kid wouldn’t be plagued with nightmares?

Now he wonders if any of them were real. How long did trouble call to him with no answer in return?

Maybe it’s better he doesn’t know. This is hard enough already.

The pain of the people he cannot help is worse than the torture of the visions themselves.

------- fin -------

Tags: drabbles, sn_gen
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