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You would hardly know it's Wednesday...

... because our son is having his "squad" of friends over for one of their epic slumber parties tonight. One friend is leaving to go to Mexico tomorrow, another two go to Europe and Mexico next week, and then the gradual migration to various colleges begins. So, tonight is their last chance for a get-together.

The other two potential families didn't agree to host, so it fell on us. Which, arghhh—the mayhem, and during the work-week! But OTOH, it won't kill us and I know this means a lot of all of the boys. Though one inexplicably wants to bring his girlfriend along (my son just texted me), which seems inconsiderate of the other guys and not really appropriate to the group dynamic. I asked my son if he wanted us to say "No," in case some of the other group members didn't really want to have her there but didn't want to be the "bad guys". He thinks they're all cool with it, though, so as long as they're not both staying overnight here, I'm okay with it too.

This week's LJ Idol reading and voting poll is up, and your participation would be welcome! We're at the Top 11 now, so there aren't a ton of entries to read. You're sure to find several you like, so please take a look! And anyone can join the community, as a reader, a writer, or both. :D

I posted about my horrific yellow-jacket sting while biking last Saturday, but not that there was a follow-up event on Sunday. That one was a minor stab in that same bike glove area as before, so I pulled over and took the glove off in case the perp was still in there. Just a splash of pollen, so it had to be a honeybee. SO much less painful than yellow-jacket stings. Still, WHY are they sneaking inside that tiny part of my glove? What is the attraction? I was all prepared to bail over to my new bike gloves, to avoid sewing the finger-holes smaller on the current ones, but they don't have enough padding. I'll have to return them. I don't know why vendors are so unwilling to pad everywhere, generously. Just getting thumb coverage is rare. :(

Speaking of mysterious attractions, the wild turkey population in this area seems to be growing unchecked. They're all over the bike path, and they've started to leak out into surround neighborhoods and not leave (sometimes, my neighborhood—over a mile from the parkway). They're at my office and the nearby fields. This surprises me, because they're not great at flying. They CAN, but they mostly stick to short stints. A bunch of them harassed a goose next to an office building earlier this year (fair game, since the geese harass everyone else): *gobble-lobble-lobble!* *ha-honk!* *gobble-lobble-lobble!* *gobble-lobble-lobble!* *honka-honka!* I had the pleasure of seeing a turkey randomly decide to fly up into a tree this winter. Lots of teetering and bouncing on the branches, and yet the other turkeys were thinking about joining it before Adventure Turkey got wise and bailed out.

But where I do NOT expect to see turkeys is by the side of the highway—as in, between the Interstate and a sound wall. One of them has been poking around in the grass there for about a week, and turkeys honestly aren't very smart. Why isn't it dead yet from wandering out in front of a car? And where did it come from? Maybe some of those obnoxious geese would like to join it...

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