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Drabble Meme #2: Finally!

This one was much harder than the first time I did this. Many of the drabbles became longer stories, and others simply took awhile for inspiration to strike (two became part of a larger drabble-arc story).

Below are the requests and the drabbles OR the links. Thanks to my f-list for participating. You ladies rock!


For thelana, who wanted Prison Break Lincoln/Michael:
Enthralled (PG)

For musicophilia, who wanted Prison Break M/L slash with dominantMichael:
Payback (NC-17, darkish)

For dragontatt, who wanted Prison Break M/L slash:
Impaired Judgment (R/NC-17)

For bluesister, who wanted Supernatural with some angst and major love:
The Unexpected Ending

For kronette, who wanted Dean happy:
The Open Road

For particlesofgale, who wanted tender Sam/Dean slash:
Smoking Gun

For acostilow, who wanted Supernatural slash:
Held Fast

For deirdre_c, who wanted J-squared poolside:

Men Of Leisure
“This would work better if I could stay in the sun for more than half an hour,” Jensen mutters.

“Hey, I love those freckles. Stop worrying.”

“It’s the sunburn, you leatherized jackass! I’m not all radioactive like you.”

“So we’ll scoot closer to the umbrella, and you can be under it while I’m out here. ‘Kay?” Jared pushes Jensen up and moves the lounge chairs over. “Better?”

“Yeah.” Jensen adjusts the sunglasses, and relaxes. For ten minutes. “Need some sunblock?”

“You’re bored.”

“No… maybe a little.”

“Giant whirlpool tub and satin sheets upstairs.”

Jensen grins. “I thought you’d never ask.”

For jellicle, who wanted J-squared love:
Opening drabble in Adrift

For anakin415, who wanted J-squared slash:
Final drabble in Adrift

For missy_jack, who wanted "24" humor:
Chicks Rule, Boys Drool

For pamalax, who wanted X-files-- about or with a mention of all or any of The Lone Gunmen:

“It was Langly’s idea,” Frohike said as he opened the door. Mulder followed him through the maze of misdirection, peppered with booby traps, newspaper diagrams and nerdware.

“Really, we all thought you should see this,” Byers said reasonably. He ignored the glares that shifted the blame onto him.

“You said it was important,” Mulder shrugged, waiting for intrigue or Truth.

President’s Brain Stolen For Experiments, the headline blared.

“It proves everything!” Langly windmilled.

The others’ nods obscured Mulder’s sigh.

“Unverifiable, given the track record beforehand.”

He shuffled out the door, disappointed once again. Investigative Journalism without Scientific Method was worthless.

For mooyoo, who wanted The Shield (Vic/Dutch if possible). Sorry, Rachel-- I couldn't get it to be slash...:

In Opposition
“Good job with the grocery cart stalker,” Mackey muttered-- never too obvious with praise, when it was Dutch.

“Oh. Thanks,” Dutch answered. Hardly anyone acknowledged his work—despite his track record, the perps he’d broken when no-one else could. Dutch knew he was good—like he knew how to profile, knew the story told by the patterns of a crime. Still, he knew guys like Vic didn’t respect him. They never would.

The profile of Vic was to never realize this: breaking someone from within was every bit as tactical and ruthless as threatening and forcing it from the outside.

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