The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Bun Me No Bun-Buns...

We hit a heat wave again over the last five days, so instead of lazing around in the mornings I got up earlyish to bicycle outside while I still could. Friday through today were all better than last Monday, where I realized at my turning-around point that I was "done" heat-wise... but was still 8 miles from where I can even exit the bike path, and 9-10 miles from home overall. Uggggghhh.

On one of those rides last weekend, I nearly hit a bunny. I was zipping along and could hear this ruckus in the bushes off to the right, and then a rabbit chased its buddy right out in front of me. I said, "Move, move, move!" as I was braking, because while the one rabbit turned right around and went back into the bushes, the other one ran down the path right in front of me before it finally veered off. *Whew* I hit a squirrel that way, about 20 years ago. Same situation, except when it ran out in front of me I went "Eeep!" and it did too, and then I hit it. /o\ Poor thing. I've seen a few paraplegic ground squirrels out there (the suicide runs in front of bicycles are a regular thing), so if it survived, it probably wasn't for long. :(

The goats are back along the parkway, eating underbrush to reduce fire danger. Unfortunately, it looks as if they need to be better corralled in certain areas—they're eating the elderberry groves, reaching up for leaves and cracking branches off. When sheep are brought in to do the work, they're less ambitious than goats, so definitely a better choice for those areas.

Speaking of sheep, one of the places I pass going to/from the bike path has sheep on the property. They are still unshorn, and we've already had a chunk of 8-10 days over 104-degrees that ended last weekend, and a couple of days this weekend. I think these are "lawnmower" sheep and not wool sheep, so what would it hurt to shear them in early June and again in early August? And since the owners had a "Yes on Prop 8" sign years ago, well... I am still judging them.

Our 4th was great, and eventually the subject of several snacking regrets, because life. I.e., pretty much the same as every year.

How is life for all of you?

Tags: cycling, judgy mcjudgerson, me, omg the weather

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