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And a week later...

Our daughter flew off to DC on a plane a week ago, which immediately left both of us feeling depressed. She's been at school the whole year, so a week of time with her wasn't enough. She'll be back for about another 2 weeks in August before returning to school, but that won't be enough either. Our son will be leaving for college then too, so... *ulp* Having the kids leave the nest really mirrors the seven stages of grief, at least for us.

Last Thursday was EVIL, temperature-wise, and it has been better since then. I had 1 1/2 weeks off, which I spend transporting our child and her stuff, spending time with her, staying inside the house because of the horrific heat, and then during the Saturday/Sunday reprieve, I spent almost all my time writing this week's Idol entry. It's a "Choose-your-own-adventure" story, which I initially tried to avoid because of the amount of work involved, but it happened anyway-- and was every bit as much work as I feared! Possibly more. I think I succeeded in keeping all of the segments fun and short, so readers could do ALL of the paths if they wanted to. When I read that type of story, I always want to do all of the permutations because I'm curious like that. Also kind of compulsive. :O

Speaking of the former and not the latter, thoughts about various vacations we did and didn't take over the years made me remember how much our kids' personalities influenced that. Mainly our daughter. She is the only one of the four of us who does not seem to have this burning curiosity to Know All The Things, so she often did not want to go to museums when the rest of the family was itching to do that. She spent the trip to the Seattle Air and Space museum sitting in the car studying for the SATs, while the rest of us tried to see as much as we could in the agreed-upon three hours. We barely made it out of the space part, because there was so much to see! A few years before that, she passed up a trip to the revamped Exploratorium in San Francisco. HalfshellHusband's hip hurt too much for him to go, so it was just my son and me... again, rushing to get through everything before we were gone too long. It was FABULOUS.

Her un-love of nature as a child is why we never went to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone, and in general she preferred to people-watch than look at places or animals or what-not. This isn't bad, just different from the rest of us, and it's unfortunate that there was that separation. She's gotten past a lot of that now, but also isn't living at home anymore. :(

In other news, I was able to bicycle outside instead of in the garage all of this past week. \o/ I did not get around to vacuuming around my garage biking area, due to the heat, and I need to. The heat is causing the spiders to make more web, and last night I went out and the black widow I've seen now and then was in that space. And bigger than ever! But zipped away under the workbench again before I could get the flea spray to kill it, which is what happened last time. :(

And then? I had dreams all last night about going to college in a region that had spiders nearly the size of tarantulas. Often inside the house or apartment! Ugh, make it stop. /o\

Looking forward to what will be a 4-day weekend for us. How about you?

Tags: cycling, me, my_kids, nature is evil, omg the weather
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