The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

IV: Use the food at hand

What he had wasn't much, but Harry decided it was enough for a small meal. He could stop by a deli on the way home from work tomorrow (though that meant extra subway stops), or maybe even drive to a grocery store. Whatever. At least he'd bought himself some time.

He made rice and scrambled the egg, then put them in a large bowl. He microwaved the Cup-a-soup and added it to the bowl and stirred everything together.

Well. Edible, but not especially appetizing.

He ate at the kitchen table, scrolling through Facebook and various blog feeds on his phone. God, this really is pretty bad, he thought. Maybe I should go shopping tonight.

Suddenly, something plummeted through the ceiling of Harry's apartment with a *crash*.

Harry sat there, covered in plaster dust and mouth hanging open. What the hell…?

The large dragon in his living room shook itself off and glared at the destruction surrounding it. "Dreadful place. Nasty carpeting, too." It coughed and thrashed its tail. "Yes—I believe I shall burn it."

Harry watched in horror as the dragon breathed flames on his Dr. J poster, his television, his favorite sofa. It was turning in his direction when he realized he still had on his work clothes—with his wallet and keys in the pants pocket. He bolted up and toward the door, slipping through it and slamming it behind him as he ran down the stairs to the sound of angry dragon roars and far off fire engine sirens.

I should never have stayed home, he thought. I've lost everything!

But as much as he regretted his choice, there was nothing he could do about it now.

(Unless you'd like to try again?)


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