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25 June 2016 @ 04:02 pm
I B: The north park  
Harry walked some ten or twelve blocks to catch a northbound bus to the park, stopping at a bodega for a sandwich to eat along the way. Good thing, too—he'd checked the fridge before he left, and he didn't even have leftovers.

He got to the park about an hour later. He'd seen this part of it by day a few times, and it was magnificent. The creek, the gorge, the trails—it was amazing to have something like this as part of the city.

At night, though, it was oddly creepy. He could hardly see where he was going, even with the flashlight, and he seemed to be tripping over roots and rocks every couple of minutes, even along the trails.

Maybe this was a bad idea…

He kept moving toward what could be more or less considered the "middle" of the park, and then stopped to listen. There were strange noises coming from his right, but he couldn't make sense of them. Those might be the kinds of sounds a monster would make. Or possibly a predator…

How did I get myself into this? This place was spooky enough already before those noises started happening.

Harry knew he had to make a decision.

Keep looking for the monster?

Or give up and go home?