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30 May 2017 @ 11:51 pm
Battle In The Breezeway  
I keep intending to post, but all of my time is spent on work, writing Idol stories (this week's is here), reading Idol entries, and watching the house and yard fall farther into decay. Then, by the time I post, it's a long entry o'doom, and it becomes this thing. As does the lack of posting...

We're hoping to have a graduation party for our son, so I did a lot of yard work last weekend as prep-- as did our son. The graduation announcements are ordered (but not mailed), and I have to work out a party date and time. The week after that, I'll be driving down to San Diego to pick up our daughter from college, for the brief period of time before she flies off to D.C. for her summer internship. (*cries*)

As to the subject line... it's an ongoing struggle these days to get our cat to go out at night. Usually, she heads right for her bed in the laundry room and sometimes meows her comments about how she wants that and not to go outside (it's oddly explanatory-sounding meowing). Sometimes, we can persuade her to go out. Night is the time for her to chase bugs, smell her smells, and ideally catch some mice (and maybe intimidate the squirrels who have taken up residence on the roof and are intermittently chewing things).

In her mind, that usually translates instead to slipping off to the garage to sleep in the little red wagon.

Last Thursday night, she was finally willing to go out. I turned the light on outside and opened the door to the breezeway. She stepped out, turned her head and hissed at something, and trotted off down the stairs and into the garage. So I looked over the side of the stairs to see what she was bothered about.

Gah. A possum. As big as she was, getting into the spilled food from one of her bags (because our son does not learn). Yeek.

It growled at me, so I beaned it with the plastic soda bottle I was holding. It growled some more, so I dropped the container of liquid laundry detergent on it. It still wouldn't leave, so I shut the door but left the breezeway light on.

This is probably where you disown me. Normally, I like to leave nature alone (except for spiders, which must be eradicated). But I didn't want that thing in our yard, and also, ugh. Unless you live in North America, you probably aren't familiar with our possums, which look like giant, rabid rats. Nasty. *shudders*

I felt bad about all the drama, and didn't try to encourage the kitty to go outside the next night. So, she spent her time pooping on both bathroom rugs and the doormat, and then barfing on the floor. HalfshellHusband was NOT pleased. Plus, the poop was back to being dry husks, so we're fiddling with her kibbles again. She got epically constipated about six months ago and did not seem well, so we took her to the vet where she got lots of antibiotics and soon was having serious diarrhea. She was put on special kidney-friendly kibbles (which are expensive), and pretty much had chronic diarrhea afterward. So, we weaned her back to Science Diet, and things were getting better until she ran out and HSH bought more food. It's a different type of kibble, so now the constipation is back. I think HSH isn't clear on Science Diet lite vs. regular, so he doesn't always buy the same kind. BUT... the upshot is that she's uncomfortable and periodically afraid of the litter box. And we haven't paid this much attention to poop quality since the kids were babies, which was enough for a lifetime. Argh.

Hoping to get caught up on the last two weeks of reading what all of you have been up to. I do a lot of lurking, but I'm definitely behind again. Binge-reading ahoy!

Kizzyxo_kizzy_xo on May 31st, 2017 10:43 am (UTC)
We had a possum attempting to set up shop under our porch a couple of years ago. Never knew it was there until I smelled its urine marking one night :yuuuuck: That was my cue to finally clean up all the overgrown brush in our front yard,LOL. Now that I think of it, I haven't seen a possum yet this spring...

Poor kitty! Way back when my kitty loved going out at night. Have no idea what she did or where she went, but we always found her asleep on the back deck in the morning. Nowadays it's rare to see free range kitties because of our coyota issue.
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on May 31st, 2017 04:50 pm (UTC)
Sometimes, I'm afraid that possums (and the occasional skunk) are living under the deck by the swimming pool. When I moved to this neighborhood, I suddenly understood why people had lattice siding nailed up against open spaces like that.

But the reality is, they can creep around via trees, and we have a LOT of those in our neighborhood. Huge trees that let them go from one yard to another, and a creek close enough by that raccoons are everywhere too. I'd be tempted to put out a "Have a heart" trap to rehome them, but there are SO many of them, and the chances of trapping a skunk are greater than any other kinds of critter.

One of our male cats wanted to go out periodically to make the rounds and smell his smells. Less sure of that with this cat, who is perpetually congested! Her predecessor also took care of a mouse problem that got out of hand at one point (they were in the walls, gnawing on the plaster), whereas this little beast seems pretty useless on that front!