The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Oh Capitan, My Capitan

We're off visiting Yosemite this weekend, looking at truly spectacular waterfalls. I've never been in the Spring before, and HalfshellHusband hasn't in at least 20 years. With all of the extra rain this year (after a 5-year drought), this was definitely the time to come!

Apart from that, the weeks have been blurring together thanks to the extra time I'm putting in at work. Time is blurring. Last Friday, I discovered that I was late on paying our second property tax installment AND the mid-year car insurance payment. Ulllhhh... \o?

In non-Yosemite wildlife news, I had a ride a couple of weeks ago where I saw two young bunnies in separate parts of the bike path. Both were still young enough to look like bunnies instead of hares (they're jackrabbits). Then, a week ago, I was at a part of the path that gets river spillover in the winter and forms sloughs.There were a lot of fires along the parkway last year, and the chemistry of that particular area has changed. It is sprouting some sort of micro-green layer (not algae) in a lot of places, and farther downriver it's some sort of red moss-like surface. I'm waiting for a bird to try to land there and—

*plop* Bwawwwk!

I'm not sure any water denizens will survive there for long, once a solid surface closes over. Frogs and maybe some turtles, but that's about it. Biking through there on the return, I saw a wide pink mouth going, *chomp* *chomp* My first thought was, "What is a squirrel doing in the water?" They I realized it was much too big to be a squirrel, and the mouth was shaped like a—yes. An otter!

I did not know we had river otters in our area. :O

So, that's the news apart from *grind-grind-grind* We'll go back to Yosemite for a bit tomorrow, then drive back home. Tuesday, I'll be back to the slog again. Ugh.

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