The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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So behind, so behind...

I didn't mean to fall off the map for so long there! I'm still trying to get caught up on all your news in that time, those of you who haven't fled LiveJournal since the last Nyet Offensive from Russia. :(

Our daughter came home for her early Spring Break, and we had her for about 5 days before she flew off to D.C. Only one of her friends was home (the non-UC colleges had spring break later, i.e., last week), so we got to spend lots of time with her. Low key, but really nice. :)

Our son got his college admissions info back. He made it into UCLA, but not Berkeley. We were really hoping for Berkeley, as it's within driving distance and he could come back on the occasional weekend (or would be easy to visit). But no. He's going to UCLA, so both kids will be in Southern California. We think he'll have a great time there, but still kind of a bummer for us!

His friends fared very badly in the admissions lottery, and that has been extremely disappointing. These are kids with good grades who are all in an advanced high school program, and they had good SAT scores (one just 10 below our son). But they got rejected even from their safety schools, and it has made us really grumbly again about higher education in California. Too many slots are going to kids from out-of-state (and out of the country!), because the universities can charge them more. But it's residents who pay the taxes that fund those colleges. And college is astronomically more expensive than when my husband and I were younger (way beyond rate-of-inflation increases). What are they spending the money on, apart from maybe coping with reduced federal funding? Actually, if it's anything like lower education in California, they're funding administrators (system and school-level) rather than teachers/professors/classrooms. :(

I had a couple of weekends free from the office insanity, so I did our taxes. SO much more to wade through now that our oldest has been in college an entire year. Those 529 funds are a great way to save, but the paperwork! /o\

I hope those of you who celebrate Easter had a lovely day yesterday! I haven't bought any half-price Easter candy today, but I haven't forgotten that it exists, either. :O

Still vaguely hoping to have an Idol story done by tomorrow, but we'll see. Last week's was more work than expected. The idea and the "events" in the storyline came quickly, but setting it up coherently without revealing too much? Days of effort on that. Crack is not as easy as you might think. ;) This week's idea is not crack (probably?), but taxes came first on the agenda...

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