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For those of you thinking about signing up for Second Chance Idol, or who have seen Idol stories on their friends-lists and wondered, "What is that about?", your last chance to sign up for Second Chance Idol and submit your first story is this week. Please don't delay! And hey, what have you got to lose?

I'm still working on this week's entry for the main Idol competition. I have the idea, but could not stay awake last night to do much with it (Moot Court activities kept us out late), and my office is now asking people to put in 20% time if possible, which is draining energy as well as time. As if work weren't unpleasant enough already... /o\

We've had a break in the perpetual rain, so I've been able to get out biking this past week, seen previously buried parts of the bike path near home, and... tried to scrape some of the leaves out of the mud in our garden, which is thisClose to being a lost cause except where it may hurt or eventually kill plants (the roses and azaleas, of which there are a TON).

At some point, I really need to start in on the taxes. Hey, I bought TurboTax 2016 from Amazon! That's the first step. :O

We're watching Season 6 of Doc Martin on Netflix streaming, partly because much of Season 7 left us thinking, "Huh? When did this happen?" Well... apparently, the season we thought we were waiting for already went by, so we were two seasons behind. \o? We have S7 on the DVR/Tivo, and many episodes have a lead-in of Ian McNeice stumping for Public TV, which I have to force myself to fast-forward through. Bert Large is probably my favorite character on the show, and that's what is coming through in those lead-ins: a very large man who has his own particular brand of odd charm, and is willing to use it. :)

So, March. Can't say I'm sorry to see the back end of February, but it's early days yet.

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