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Um... hi....

I drove to the hairdresser's last Thursday night, at the tail end of six consecutive days of rain. I took an old back road (it was 5:00 pm and the route to the Interstate is slowwww then), and it got darker and darker as I went. Everyone else knew the road better and wanted to go faster, so I felt pressured and it was two lanes with a ditch on either side and oncoming cars stuck in a traffic jam and occasionally nosing over the center line. There were several spots where, Eeeee... I hope those are rice paddies. I mean, there was a sawhorse at one point with a "flooded" warning, where the road had since dried up, but a lot of it looked as if I was venturing out toward the middle of a lake with reduced after-dark visibility and nowhere to turn around. I was SO glad to finally meet up with Highway 99.

The next day's bike ride—so anticipated, the first outdoor trip in FOREVER, thanks to the rain and cold—was a little eerie as well. The river was within 30 feet of the bike path in places where I have never seen water, not in 25+ years of biking along there. I didn't know the river could be that close—if there are sloughs nearby, they're down below the grass and treeline. One part that has always been dry was flooded with mud, so I had to take an unplanned detour and got a little lost for awhile. Fortunately, the river and a major street bound two sides of a triangle there, so you have a general sense of where you are. The flooding is because the state is letting water out of the dams, to reduce the future load in the spring. BUT... snow-melt is months from now, and I remember they did this as a safety measure one winter and then it stopped raining altogether. So, overall there was a continued water deficit instead. Shasta Lake is around 65% capacity right now, but it has gotten so low over the last 5-6 years that they should probably let it fill up a little more.

It was too cold to bike outside the next two days, but I got out yesterday. Today was supposed to work out too, but the fog is keeping the temps way down, so apparently not. Then days and days of rain ahead. I've lost a LOT of speed, because I've been getting outside about once a week since the beginning of December, and garage-biking helps but isn't quite the same.

Speaking of which, I'm in the middle of season 4 of Chuck out there. None of this really looks familiar anymore. Maybe I didn't see anything beyond early S4 in the original run? I'm also belatedly watching season 3 of Z Nation. With the first episode, it felt as if there was an interim one I might have missed, but apparently not. I'm mid-season now, and I still have no idea who The Man is, or what his vengeance arc is all about. (Oh, crap! Apparently, there was a pre-S3 TV movie that didn't get picked up by the Tivo, which is where all those missing pieces came from. Argh.) 10K seems to have grown up a bit, though. I'm getting a distinct Murphy/10K hate-sex vibe that is both intriguing and disturbing. If those two had a song, it might be this Incubus one I discovered last week. I just finished watching "They Grow Up So Fast," with the cracktastic and highly fictional re-enactment of the story of Murphy And The Baby-Mama. In summary, I still love Doc. He's my favorite.

Weekend-wise, I did not get enough done. There is too much reading for Idol right now—some 80-90 entries to get through in just a few days—and I have projects I need to be working on! The outdoor Xmas lights are put away, though, and most of the inside stuff is packed up.

Now, yardwork? Ugh. Many of the leaves have become one with the mud now, and nothing dries out! Pruning isn't going to go well, either. :(

At least we're living in a relatively high part of town, up above the levee-line...

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