The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

In between Idol rounds...

So, I finished and posted my Yuletide story this weekend, barely. The porn really hung me up—I haven't written that in a few years (or much fanfiction either), and I had to poke the entire story along with a fork pretty much the whole time I was working on it. Starting before November 1, even. :O

I got the first draft done Saturday afternoon, thought I had some Sunday time but didn't (it was due at 1am Sunday, not 1pm), so I tweaked it a little bit and posted it. I have some time to modify it, but it is pretty much done. Partly because I tend to micro-edit as I'm writing, which may have drawn things out a little but at least pulled me back from forays into multiple wrong directions...

That put me behind on reading the enormous pile of stories for this week's Idol round, though going on a fangirl spree over Band Of Brothers probably was not helpful. That was an outstanding series, though. Wow.

In other TV news, I'm peeved at The Blindspot for trashing one of my favorite characters (they 180-ed him right before the break), though definitely pleased over some of the developments in The Blacklist.

I finished reading Harrison Squared (which cliff-hangered me en route to a follow-on book, so thanks a lot!), I'm almost done with Personal (another Jack Reacher novel), and I have started the latest Harry Bosch book. So, if I can find time between Idol and present-wrapping and baking, my future reading looks like \o/.

But at the moment, it's the usual pre-Christmas flailing of trying to Do All The Things, and only managing Some of the things. :O

Howz trix?

ETA: Remember those yuletide requests for things like 5 flavors of Olympics RPF (as if each was a different fandom) and all-Japanese-sources and such that I predicted would be showing up on the pinch-hit list? Yup. Worse yet, some of them came around right after the assignments went out, because they were "no match" results. I understand that people want what they want, but what if they leave no options for authors and get nothing? :(

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