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Meanwhile, in Sacramento...

I hope all the U.S. folks had a nice Thanksgiving. Our daughter was at home, and we had a nice dinner with just the four of us. This is partly because my brother now goes to Portland to be part of my sister's blowout, because he does not hate driving the way I do. This also means that I dread calling up there to say hello to everyone, because I might potentially be talking to at least 6 people or as many as 9 or 10, and the thought just exhausts me. Only 5 this year, since the host and hostess were about to serve and couldn't come to the phone.

We watched Clueless as a family Thursday night, rather than our daughter's suggestion of Heathers (no way am I watching that with our teenage son, with the sexual politics involved). She rejected my pile of potentials, which included Doc Hollywood and The Long Kiss Goodnight (neither kid has seen those) as well as the rewatchable Dave and Big. I hadn't seen Clueless since it was first out, so it was a shock to see baby Jeremy Sisto, baby Paul Rudd, baby Breckin Meyer (actor camp!), and baby Donald Faison (Scrubs!). Damn, has it really been 21 years? :O

Saturday, the two of us and our daughter went to see Fantastic Beasts, which was a lot of fun. I think our daughter was as stymied by some of the movie trailer previews as I was (Power Rangers? Seriously? Though at least there was no Great Wall As Alien Defense trailer this time). I loved the choice to set the movie in the 1920s, which enriched the visuals and guaranteed that anything fancier than a radio would already be unimaginable to the populace. There were some steampunk-like touches in a few places, and the CGI work was solid. At the end, my pressing question was whether the casting call for the film might have described one of the parts as a "lovable schlub," because that phrase pretty much defines that character. Whom I loved. As will you.

Last week was a lot of Idoling (SO much reading—gah!), relaxation, shopping (but not after Wednesday), and... not as much other stuff as I'd planned. Typical. HalfshellHusband remains firm in his pledge to shun politics in the media and elsewhere, because he is so incredibly angry about the election results (and the Cabinet appointments are just... %(*&FG!!! already). I can't argue with one of his biggest sources of anger, which is that many of the people who will get screwed over by the next administration didn't even vote. *sigh* Don't get me started.

We're far enough away from the election that we are back to watching The West Wing, though. We just finished S3, and I have much hate for the character-death choice in the season finale. Not as much as the one in late S2, but still. And oh, Blindspot? How could you 180 my favorite character like that? HOW? *so disappointed*

Hoping to talk about books this week too, if I can get around to it. It only took more than a week to get this post out!

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