The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Yesterday's good deed

...involved rescuing a lizard I found in the bike storage area at the office. The little creature was on the floor, perhaps having wandered in from a hole in the exit door. I tried to persuade a coworker to take it outside, but it was too fast for him, and the guy theorized the lizard had gotten inside via that door hole, and would leave the same way. After my bike ride, the lizard was still in the corner it had boxed itself into. Hours later, as I was going home... still there. I trapped it with a stiff piece of paper and a plastic cup, and carried it outside. I never knew lizards used "playing dead" as a defense mechanism. For awhile there, I thought I was too late. :O

Remember my comments on Monday's post about the Yuletide pinch-hit list and obscure requests? Several entries were sent out within hours of the assignments—I forgot that sometimes there are requests that find no matches. The mods try to safeguard against that as much as possible. Fandoms have to have multiple nominations before they qualify for a round, though it maybe that there are more people wanting to stories for a fandom than feel they can write for it. I suspect people sometimes corral their friends into reinforcing nominations, but that works against you if no true participants offer to write for it. The rules also limit you to one story request per fandom, though some people try to get around that by nominating the same fandom in different forms—e.g., the novel and the TV-series versions of something, or two different movies in the same overall franchise. This can backfire, though—your request that looks like three fandoms is really two, possibly leaving you unmatched or leaving your assigned writer very few options. This year, someone made five requests for Olympics RPF, wherein different sports were each treated as a "fandom." It's obvious they really, really want to read Olympics RPF, but RPF is a hard sell for a lot of writers, and what if nobody wants to write that? Any of it?

Those ploys increase the chance you might get a story that isn't very good, or very true to the characters, and it's less likely to be something a writer feels passionate about writing. Where is the appeal in that?

In other fandom news... I would have loved a second season for Limitless (and why waste that cast?), but it's not looking good. For new shows, we're watching Designated Survivor, and saw the premiere of Timeless. I doubt many people reacted to Timeless the way I did: "Lem is back on TV! Oh, Lem, how I've missed you." I've seen the actor in a few things after Better Off Ted (and am always newly surprised by the lack of glasses), but never in a part this big or consistent. Then there's The Blacklist, in which Mr. Kaplan's fate torments me. They did a nice job this season of showing the character's softer emotions in addition to her bad-assery. I just like how atypical that casting is for a "cleaner," and that she's extremely good at it.

As for actual life, I managed some good biking over the last week, which will have to sustain me through the next several rainy days. I'll be watching more of Chuck, Season One for my garage-biking. I haven't been able to stream Netflix out there since we got a replacement router from the cable company a few months ago. The signal just isn't strong enough.

What I'm really dreading, and can't put off too much longer, is cracking open the novella that constitutes this year's California voter's pamphlet. In addition to the various positions up for election, there are 17 initiatives on the November ballot—several of them either overlapping or partial/full reversals of past initiatives. Gah...

Criminy, there's that gnawing up in the ceiling again. Why oh why is our current cat such a lousy mouser?

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