The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Unexpected… and not

There was a coyote in the company parking lot when I came back from a bike ride last week. That was a first, though maybe it'll cut down on the wild turkey population. \o?

In the mail last week, we received yet another letter to the State Corrections Dept., which has the same street number and city as our house, but NOT the same street name or zip code. For the love of automatic mail-sorting machines, WHY? This must be about the tenth one of these I personally have pulled out of the mailbox in the 17 years we've lived at this house. Some of them are letters to the parole board, written in spidery hand. I don't know whether those are elderly people pleading for their aging criminal spouses to be released, or a crime victim's loved ones wanting to make sure the perpetrator does not get out early.

HalfshellHusband watched the second debate last night, but I didn't. Trump just makes my blood pressure go up, with the ugliness and the endless lies. For HSH, though, the debates are civic interest as well as fodder for the bonding experience of communing afterward with our daughter, the politics junkie. Fair enough. ;)

I finished my Yuletide signup in before the deadline yesterday. \o/ I continue to be amazed at some of the things people nominate, such as commercials and music videos. I can't imagine being so smitten with something that short that I would think someone could write me 1,000-word story about it. (Except for Mayhem, because I totally requested him as a fandom one year, since others have). So many obscure fandoms, and it seems like the proportion of them grows higher every year. (Or I'm just a dinosaur, which is equally possible). There are also things like Japanese anime/manga and German TV shows, which I DO understand the passion for… except that if you specify ONLY those fandoms, your request will probably float up in the pinch-hit list in December, possibly multiple times. :(

I thought I might make a request or offer for Justified, but it inexplicably got nominated without Boyd Crowder as one of the available characters. I foresee Raylan getting a lot of het action with the various female characters this Yuletide, but I won't be writing or reading that. I do have my assignment, though—fastest matching yet! Wow. Better get cracking, since I haven't been doing much writing as of late. Especially completed stories, as opposed to things that start but don't finish. I did sign up for mini_wrimo after several years off, so that should help!

Sorry I've been so absentee these last few weeks. I've been reading journal entries, but not posting much. I was buried in a work assignment I couldn't make headway on for about 7 weeks, which was dispiriting. Also… you know, Fall used to be my favorite season and maybe it still is. But it's hard not to associate it now with our daughter going off to college, and next year that will be our son, too. So, I'm feeling kind of blue about that. It's not as bad as last year, but the ache is still there.

On a happier note, though... first October post means I finally get to use my Halloween icon again!

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