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Happenings—Bait and Switchy Edition

Criminy—I was promised Men's Gymnastics for the Olympics broadcasting tonight, and after hours of diving and endless swimming... women's beach volleyball is on? Gah.

Summer's getting away from me, not just because of HalfshellHusband's surgery and recuperation. The kids are all scheduled up with their summer obligations, and then our son starts school next week. Too soon!

The Boy is doing two weeks as a zoo camp counselor, and despite a year of conservative-leaning bro-ness (which has kind of been driving us nuts), he has succumbed to the cuteness of the younger kids. Those first and second graders are pricelessly loopy. :)

Our daughter has been working in public relations at a state government office all summer, and has another month to go. She spends hours answering phone calls from the public, and fortunately has a very calm personality. There are... a lot of people out there who are either off their meds or have never been treated. It's sad. So many of them are distressed about things that aren't really happening. She has also heard from a lot of NRA members about various gun bills, and from people having disability or benefits issues (and her office isn't the right one to call, which makes the callers feel even more frustrated and hopeless). There are some, shall we say, frequent flyers, too. One phone call devolved into this:

Caller: ... this is important.
Daughter: I understand, sir.
Caller: And the government is just *blerk* *frambot*
Daughter: o_O
Caller: *ranty-rant-rant-rant-rant* !!
Daughter: Sir, I'd like to have you talk to someone higher up. Do you mind if I place you on hold for a moment?
Caller: Don't transfer me to Jeremiah, he doesn't help me.
Daughter: I—
Caller: And don't send me to the Threat Assessment Unit, either!

Wow. She's had a few days where she has come home in need of chocolate. And her internship half-day only, too.

Thanks to the ever-fluxing weather here, I had another garage-biking session last week. I decided to try out Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Netflix streaming. I really didn't know anything about the production, so first, I was not expecting it to be so British. Then there are out-of-place touches like the wife's push-up bra, salon-styled hair, and serious makeup, and Lucy Lawless' character has unbelievably red hair (as in, that blueish-red color that isn't natural, and you'd be hard-pressed to achieve without modern hair dyeing techniques). I was surprised to see John Hannah in there, trying to squelch his accent a bit (but bursting out with the occasional slippage in phrases like "Wi' are blassed..."). The "blood" part of the title is a big part of the show. With the unusual colorization and CGI slo-mo action and blood effects, you would not be far off to characterize it as "This is SPARTA... cus."

The lead character pulled me in, though, and the story line is interesting, so I'm sticking with it for now. It was criminal to cut Spartacus' hair—and why? Some of the other gladiators had long hair, and he was so much better-looking with the hair and beard.

Oops—Men's Gymnastics is finally on, though it isn't going well. Still, I want to see what's doing. And whether Daniel Leyva's hyper-enthusiastic father is there to put on a show. ;)

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