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Update on All The Things

Sorry for the radio silence. When I get overwhelmed, I tend to withdraw. Last week was not only "Surprise!EarlyHipSurgery" for HalfshellHusband, but also (after some recent layoffs) a presto change-o priority overhaul at the office. Now, instead of finishing the work I'd been doing to help get out a soon-to-be-released feature, we're all getting hijacked early to the "main" project and I'm now working back under a manager who does not like me. And is also very grim, these days. Ugh.

I came home and ate a lot of chocolate the day that was announced (last Thursday). Now, of course, the new people are flailing because there's no one to train us and the documentation is out of date. My office has apparently never really absorbed the software management adage that Adding more people to a late project makes it LATER. :(

In HSH news, his surgery went well. They released him less than 24 hours after the surgery finished, which I was NOT expecting. Had to rush to get the house ready, namely the chair and bed where he'll spend most of his time. This wouldn't be necessary if his legs weren't so long, but they are, so he needs an ultra-high and firm/stable chair, and the bed needs to be ultra-high.

I was a little worried about him coming home so soon, but the physical therapist thought he was ready and there were no surgical complications. Turns out it's probably just as well: the surgical team did not coordinate with his cardio team, so he had no LASICs in the hospital, no special diet, and they put him on a saline drip. He came home 14 pounds heavier than when he left—in one DAY. Getting that water out is a struggle. If his LASICs dose is too high, his blood pressure drops and he gets really dizzy. When it's not high enough, the water doesn't budge. However, with the pacemaker in now, he can now drink caffeine again and take advantage of its diuretic properties (and it won't lower his blood pressure). Diet Coke to the rescue?

He's getting around pretty well, and while he's in a lot of pain it's still a little less than before the surgery. The real agony of trying to move around is gone, but the background level of pain is higher. OTOH, he knows it will only get better rather than keep getting worse. We both wish the incision had been on the side of his thigh (like before), and not up the back. Sitting and lying on it make it hurt more. :(

I'm doing better now, late in the week. I worked at home through Wednesday, partly because I'm sleeping in the guest room now and that has NOT gone well. The bathroom is right on the other side of the wall, and HSH's walker is very loud if he needs to move around. Plus the porch light and bathroom nightlight make the room too bright, and it's on an east-facing corner. I've turned off lights, I've brought a cloth to put over my eyes in the morning, and I'll refresh my earplugs tonight. All of that has helped over the last few days.

The kids are being very helpful, though it took awhile for our son to grasp that his father can't be home alone just yet and also that the 4Runner needs to be available in case a doctor or hospital run is needed.

So, good thus far? Or, on the way there? The work thing, though... there's no helping that. :(

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