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Hipnotic changes

Well, Halfshellhusband got moved up in the surgery schedule for his hip replacement! There's an opening tomorrow, and the cardiologist who did the pacemaker said it was okay to have the additional surgery. SO... it's 11 days earlier than the postponed date would have been. Which really matters when the pain is so severe and it's a day-to-day exercise in endurance.

We made an all-out effort last night throughout the house and garage to figure out where we put that hip-surgery "helper" kit from last time, since it'll cost $45 to buy it again. But no. Our son even helped get down the unlabeled boxes HSH put on the upper shelves in the garage (seriously, this is HSH's specialty). I checked them (and LABELED them), but still nothing. Really, I think all we're missing from the kit is the grabber and the ingenious device that helps you get your socks on. We have other home-prep stuff, such as the bricks needed to temporarily elevate the bed, and the super-tall walker, and the elastic shoelaces. There's more preparation involved in general because HSH is 6'4", and long-legged, and he will not be allowed to sit much lower than at a 90-degree angle. He has to be almost fully reclined just to be in the car (the tall 4-Runner) on trips to/from the hospital and the doctor's office.

So, he'll be stuck in the bedroom a lot during recovery. We'll also need to move a bigger TV in there, and probably the cable box from the living room. You have no idea what epic levels of patience and stoicism HSH possesses. :(


My sister visited over the 4th of July weekend—but stayed with my brother, an hour away, which is not what I was hoping. We all got together Friday for dinner, then brunch and conversation on Sunday, and then my brother's 4th of July celebration (his favorite holiday, which I did not realize and which she'd never been here for before). It was really nice, though I'd have loved some 1-on-1 time with her. Our son was off at Yosemite with his uncle (they had a GREAT time), and our daughter was in and out. Most, I spent the weekend cleaning, visiting, bicycling, and watching fireworks. Very nice.

There was a lot of reading of Altered Carbon, too, a sci-fi book by Richard Morgan that I'm liking better than The Steel Remains.

Good Stuff via Links:
  • A heartwarming story about regular Canadians sponsoring Syrian refugees.

  • Chuck Wendig's WTF-ness Review of 'Batman vs. Superman', in which the essay might be more entertaining than the movie.

  • The in-home project that is The Marin County Bad Art Gallery. The "titles" and descriptions are hilarious, and some works—such as A Cheshire Cat of Nightmare Made—are possibly debatable? IDK. It looks hideous, but I'm also getting kind of an Expressionist feeling off of that one.

  • Go forth and waste time!

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