The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Still hanging in there...

HalfshellHusband went for another checkup yesterday, and was liberated from the sling that keep him from raising his left arm too high (and pulling out the pacemaker leads). He got multiple hours of actual sleep last night, for the first time in a week. The sling meant he couldn't sleep on his left side, and his right side has the excruciatingly arthritic hip, and he doesn't really sleep well on his back, so... He's looking much better now, partly because the combination of sling, cane, and major limp made it look as if he'd been in a traffic accident. :O

It wasn't a great week at work for me, thanks to the worry and preoccupation, but it got better with time. Stuff is getting done!

On the entertainment front, we've been watching Damages on Netflix (and had to go after alternate sources for S2 of Better Call Saul. Our daughter has tried to hook us on Parks and Recreation (still kind of "meh"), and I've watched a couple of episodes of Brain Dead with her. HSH and I went out for a date last weekend, and saw Keanu. Fun and funny in parts, but I'm really glad we didn't take the kids to that. I need a "strip club" warning for our son, as they pop up where I least expect it.

Bookwise, I started The Crossing Places while in San Diego to pick up our daughter. I've read three more books in that series (murder mysteries with a British archeologist). I pulled down a bunch of free books for my Kindle, and am almost done with Rushed (I don't recommend it). A Richard Morgan book came up from my hold list, so that's next. Our son has practically stopped reading altogether in favor of his phone, video games, the gym, sports practice, and required reading for school (which has bled over into summer with books I've never even heard of). As a result, I haven't searched for any new physical books at the library in about 7 or 8 weeks, and that's usually where I get my own new reading material too!

Weatherwise? One of those 100-104 stints is happening here. If I'm not out on the bike by 10am, it's too late. This makes biking at work really hard, as I am Not A Morning Person. Gah, summertime cabin fever! Only in Phoenix or in California's Central Valley. Of Hell. :(

Got plans for the 4th, if you're in the U.S.? I imagine most Brits are still reeling from the Brexit results. :(

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