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21 June 2016 @ 11:35 am
Post-Op News  
So, HalfshellHusband now has a pacemaker. When his cardio tests were run yesterday to see whether he needed one, the doctor decided it was inevitable and that he might as well do the surgery that day, since he had time.

It's in, and everything is looking good. Makes us feel slightly less bad about the hip replacement being postponed for a month due to wanting to run those tests. Having a pacemaker at HSH's age (60) is unnerving, but I guess we're lucky that treatment exists.

He's mostly feeling pretty good right now. I'm tired and stressed (I ate an entire bag of chocolate chips last night—augh). So, have some humor for all of us:

Playing dress-up with the Queen of England. Bat-queen to the rescue!

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Maz (or foxxy!): MS Hugstuesdaeschild on June 23rd, 2016 02:52 pm (UTC)
Firstly I am glad to hear that HalfshellHusband is looking good with his newly fitted pacemaker. I suppose it was best to get it done while there was time since it was inevitable anyway. Sixty is young but I suppose it's all relative. Here's wishing him (and you too, of course) well. ♥

Secondly thank you so much for the lovely vgift and the sweet birthday wishes. I did have a good birthday, thank you...and there was wine! :)

Thirdly I thought Her Majesty's new coloured outfits looked bang on trend!! For a lady of ninety she really is amazing, isn't she?

Have you been keeping an eye on what's happening with the new limited season of Prison Break? It's likely to be on our screens in September and there are several of the original fandom members eagerly awaiting it's return. I just hope it isn't disappointing.

Thank you again, my friend. I really do value your friendship, even if we're not communicating all the time; the friends I made through PB are pretty special. :) ♥

Edited at 2016-06-23 02:52 pm (UTC)
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Birthdayhalfshellvenus on June 23rd, 2016 10:18 pm (UTC)
You're so welcome, and I'm glad it was a good birthday! Nice time of year to be having a birthday in your part of the world, too!

I haven't been keeping up with the Prison Break news. I wonder it that appeals more to the Michael/Sara fans? Or, at least those who watched the 4th season? I just couldn't do it-- it was the final destruction of canon for me, bringing back a dead, headless character. And that was after the retcon on the boys' father (which was all, "La-la-la-la-la" to me). I believe worse happened with the character of the mother in S4.

My canon stops in S3, and my happiest version of the show is the whole AU I went to after the end of S1. Am I wrong? Are they attempting to resurrect part of the show's "middle" instead?
Maz (or foxxy!): Brothers 02tuesdaeschild on June 24th, 2016 07:45 am (UTC)
Yes, a summer birthday in Britain is lovely and means strawberries and clotted cream (yum!) and cricket and tennis...! :)

Season 4 was rubbish because the writers did stupid things - one of the most stupid was birsmirching the memory of the sainted Christina. I did watch that with a sneer on my face, just like the Head in the Box fiasco, but the one thing that persisted for me was the brothers' relationship and that had been at the heart of the show from the start. Oh, and Michael's relationship with Sucre. Dear, dear Sucre! The rest was mostly extraneous claptrap. And yes, I think you're right that it's mostly appealing to Michael/Sara fans but I'll be tuning in for the bros!

It remains to be seen whether they're trying to resurrect the "middle" of the show or not. It would be best if they do.