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Still here...

I made the trip to San Diego and back last week to pick up our daughter from college, and it was about what I'd expected. Looooong and tiring.

I downloaded episodes of Night Vale onto HalfshellHusband's mp3 player for entertainment (I was about 30 episodes behind, somewhere in late 2014. Wow). Things were going okay until about 3 or 3 1/2 hours into the trip, when the back of my right thigh started to cramp. That happened on the solo trip coming back from San Diego last September. Augh—I don't know why that has become such a problem. I was feeling desperate, so I took a mini ice-block from the lunch bag cooler and wedged it underneath my leg. That actually helped. Not sure whether it was the digging into the cramped muscle or some kind of "gating" theory in action, but it did feel better. I swallowed aspirin and No Doz, and was still slapping myself in the face from about Bakersfield onward. It seemed like I made pretty good time, but I got to the outskirts of LA just before 3pm, and it took me two more hours to get to Forest Hill.

I do not know how people stand living in and around LA, I really don't.

I hit San Diego's rush hour too, so door-to-door the trip down was about 10 hours. The hotel was kind of iffy (overpriced, considering), and the gym was worthless. No customer-usable A/C, no fans, and the stationary bicycle was broken. I used the elliptical, and made it to 22 minutes before I was too overheated to go on. Whoopee. The office gym has one in front of a fan, so my usual workout is 55 minutes. Suckage.

It seemed like I was awake all night (except for dreams about Hillary Clinton, who was in a very cheerful tour-guide mood). I packed up the next morning, got lost getting back to the freeway (diagonal streets are a menace, and the hotel was on a hairpin diagonal), and then got lost trying to find our daughter's dorm. Yayyyy! She was pretty solidly packed when I got there, though, and we got the car loaded and her room vacuumed and her goodbyes said in about 90 minutes.

The return slog... she did a lot of driving, thank goodness, including the mysteriously slow trip back through LA. I drove enough that I eventually crushed that ice-block thingy until it started to leak, which I knew was a risk. We got home around 8pm, so only a nine-hour trip coming back. Glllarghhh. I'm so glad that's over.

I was kind of a zombie last weekend, and we'd gotten some bad news about HSH's surgery. His cardiologist finally decided to become interested in last October's fainting episode that led to his bike accident, and so she started running tests and more tests (no answers there), and now he has to delay the hip surgery while he gets tested to see if he needs a pacemaker first. Probably not, but I can understand why they're being cautious. HOWEVER... the time to do that was about six months ago. So, at the moment his hip replacement surgery has been postponed for a month, and the expiration on pain tolerance leading up to it ended about a week ago. :( :(

That's all the real news for now, though you'll be happy to know I've located some spare building blocks from the kids' baby toys, and those will be used on my next long road trip. At least they won't leak...

Tags: hsh, me, my_kids, weird dreams fall out of my head

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