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Weekend surprise!

Just a note: today is the last day to vote for this week's round of LJ Idol. My story is here, and all stories can be found on this page. We're in the Top 10, so every vote counts. Please take a moment to read and vote, if you can. Many thanks!

So, whatever I thought my plans for the weekend might have been, they got shifted by surprise!Daughter visit about half an hour after my last post. :O

There was a possibility of her needing to fly up here for an internship interview, but she was hoping to do that via Skype. I hadn't heard any updates, and then suddenly she was walking in through the back door! What a great Mother's Day present. She has her interview at 3:00 this afternoon, and then is going right to the airport for her flight home. She and I went out to dinner on Saturday night (HalfshellHusband had been out for lunch the day before, which is about all his sodium limitations can take, and The Boy was at the prom). Sunday was similar. She has a LOT of reading to do for schoolwork (about 100 pages a week for History, and she's in 3 other classes that require reading), and there was the comatose sleeping thing. Our son was up all night playing video games with his friends after prom, then he came home around 12:30, then slept, then realized he had taken the wrong rental tux jacket from the friend's house (after I warned him to reassemble it as soon as he took it off), then ran errands, then had an unplanned nap. So, I kind of waited around all day to see if anyone was available, and it was 4:00 when our daughter decided she wanted to go to a coffee shop. I.e., a low-key day, biked in the garage again afterward, and there was too much eating all weekend. But a great visit, and we got to talk a lot. She'll be home in about 4 weeks. :)

Speaking of that... I'll be driving down to San Diego alone to pick her up, and remembering the trip back from taking her there, I will need to make sure that 1) There is No-Doz in the car, and 2) I have some hardcore audio entertainment. I'm not really an audio-books person, but that's probably what it will take. It would be nice to have something where I don't have to keep adding/removing CDs, which I don't want to do while driving through the Central Valley Expanse O' Nothingness. OTOH, my iPod Nano's batteries only seem to last so long. Not sure it will charge off the car battery—it ignores our regular power charger. But save me from the ZZZZzzzzzs! Even slapping myself in the face doesn't always keep me awake, which is pathetic.

So, any recommendations?

ETA: It's... caterpillar season on the bike path. I am become Death, destroyer of worlds worms**.

**Not intentionally, but still... Hey, at least I managed not to run over that baby snake last week! \o?

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