The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Follow ups...

... for various things over the past few weeks.

  • The Hat: No one has admitted to knowing anything about the bird's nest in my gardening hat. It seems like something our son might do, but he says not. HOW could that have gotten in there? There is still nest debris on the garage workbench that I need to clean up.

  • The Cherry Tree: Man oh man, still removing snails from that thing. The rate has slowed down, but it's still 1-7 snails every time I check. Why aren't they eating the bait around the base of the tree? I'm hoping the warmer weather will slow them down: Eh. I don't have the slime in me for a journey that far today.

  • N00bness: Yesterday was windy, and the bike ride was tough—I had to start warming down a mile early. But this morning, I pumped up the tires in preparation for taking the bike to work. They were at around 40 PSI! They should be closer to 115 PSI. No wonder the back tire felt so squirrelly yesterday. What was I thinking, trusting the bike shop to fully (or even mostly) inflate the tires?

  • Today's bike ride was slightly better. Still windy. The Tour de Roadkill included a blue jay (*sad face*) and a dismembered remnant of an artificial Christmas tree. With lights. \o?

    This evening, we watched an episode of The Daily Show. If you saw the bizarre spectacle of Carly Fiorina singing to Ted Cruz's children during a political rally, then you'll understand why this horror-film-style 'trailer' of Cruz's campaign is perfect. That was followed by Black Trump Rap, a rap song assembled from actual Trump quotes and his overall media image. First episode of the new TDS that has reduced me to helpless laughter. I hope there will be more. :D

    And now... time to throw writing ideas around for prompts and see if anything clicks.

    Tags: cycling, me, nature is evil, political wonky-tonk, random, recs-humor, recs-vids

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