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First, an utterly sweet story about a little girl and her unlikely hero that will melt your heart. :)

Second, since I wanted to vet this for myself: Wherefore Art Thou, LEGO?. It's always fun seeing which LEGO pieces get used (since we have a bazillion sets at home). I did not know there was a LEGO satyr (used here as Puck), though I knew about the LEGO Minotaur (and want one, for... reasons). I recognize Shark Man from the Atlantis set, and the green snake from Hogwart's castle! But why not the small green dragon familiar used by both the Castle/Kingdom and Harry Potter sets?

Also, randomly... there is a Shakespeare LEGO. Who doesn't need one of those? Or a LEGO Neptune or bat monster or lizard man? *koff* Possibly, I like LEGOs even more than my son does. Still sorry his LEGO phase ended before he wanted to buy the Monster series...

And finally, today's Dilbert (4/27/2016, since it will move): fish plus time has to be one of the truest and most wrong views of humanity ever. \o?

All right, it's time to get back to work while pondering Idol ideas in my head (two topics this week—urk!) and hoping against hope that my bike will come back from the shop today. *bites nails*

ETA: OMG, LEGO Yeti! *dies*

Tags: fabulous stuff on the internet, recs-humor, recs-vids

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