The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Where did the time go?

I'm running behind on reading this week's Idol entries, but hoping to finish tonight.

We were out of town all day yesterday, visiting relatives in the Bay Area. HalfshellHusband seemed to wonder why I kept saying it would BE the whole day. He was expecting about 2 hours of travel time each way—and I've never known it to take less than three. It did not. ;) Still, it was good to see everyone.

Today I slept in a bit, made an emergency trip to Target for usable bandaids (seriously), went biking, and then rat-holed into a bunch of yard work until I was late for dinner. So, I still haven't gotten to the sewing pile or any of the other indoor stuff that's been on my list for weeks and weeks.

I did finish reading Blackfin Sky, and we watched the premiere of The Night Manager. Less Hugh Laurie than I thought there might be for that last one, but we really liked the episode overall. Glanced at the Netflix instant-streaming queue, and there's SO much stuff I would like to watch, but theoretically HSH would too, and there's just no time. I like to imagine it will still happen, somehow. ;) Optimism, or denial?

Today's mystery: My gardening hat was full of... bird's nest. But I wore it last weekend, and I thought I hung it up in the garage. Unless our son planted that in there, did I leave the hat out in the yard over the week and some bird made use of the shape? If so, then who put it back in the garage? No one is admitting to anything just yet.

Not really ready to go back to work tomorrow. Maybe just not in the mood? That's pretty much every Monday, though...

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