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In a stunning turn of events in our son's ongoing Prom Drama, he is now NOT going to the prom. His early rival for his top prom choice (let's call him the Thwarter) decided to ask the girl our son had invited earlier this week. When the Thwarter discovered the girl had already agreed to go to the prom with our son, he told her she was our son's second choice, and that embarrassed her enough that she said yes to the Thwarter... not knowing she was that kid's third choice. I think she's still unaware, though she's been throwing out lies that make people itch to set the record straight after trying to spare her feelings. So far, they have behaved. But to sum up, D.R.A.M.A. At this point, our son is glad he's not taking her—but geez, what a whirlwind of grief. So glad I'm not a teenager anymore.

So, that was part of the week. I spent the last few days working on my Idol story, which was tough as I was short on sleep. HalfshellHusband's hip is really bothering him, and that keeps both of us awake, plus the bedroom might have been too warm. We're cycling back and forth from summer to winter (near 90 on Monday, 63 today), which could go on for a while yet and makes it hard to stay comfortable. We're hoping to get a little more rain out of the deal. \o?

The other side-effect of all that shifting weather is that it's often windy, just like every spring, which makes it hard to bike outdoors. Today was a garage day again, and this weekend, who knows?

I'm transitioning to a new laptop at work, and migrating stuff over from the old one. The new one seems to have a slightly different version of Windows 7, which is to say, WTF is happening with those tiny fonts on browser tabs and mailboxes? You're dreaming if you think I can read anything that small nowadays.

Speaking of reading... I finished the terrific book of short stories, Word Puppets, and I'm still reading The Swan Thieves. I have also started Blackfin Sky, because I think my bedside book is turning out to be a bust. It seems to be the third in a series of three (not an intentional choice), but the problem isn't feeling like I'm missing too much background or context. It's that whatever is happening now feels like the start of the plot, and nobody in the book knows what the heck is going on. Perversely, this makes it seem as if all three books must be extensions of vague that never quite get off the ground. I could be way off base, but once that feeling starts, the path to bailing out becomes very short. :O

What are all of you up to this weekend? We're going out of town tomorrow, and Sunday will probably be chore packed. But at least the taxes are done! And I say that because I submitted the state ones ON the 15th last week. The whole thing took forever. :(

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