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Last day for Idol voting this week! Please read and vote! Many thanks. :)

Yesterday's bike ride was suckage. Saturday was tough too, but it was really windy then. Sunday? Less windy, and yet SO tiring. Those early ambitions of, "Hey, let's make up some miles to compensate for earlier this week!" turned to, "Gads, am I going to have to start the warm-down EARLY? Can I hang on another mile? Maybe half a mile?" It wasn't until I was nearly home that I remembered that I sometimes need to slap on a Breathe-Rite during windy Spring days. I don't have allergies, but my perpetually-irritated nose gets much worse in those conditions (so, almost exactly LIKE allergies). First clue: "It feels like there's not enough air out here." \o?

And because I biked in the garage on Friday (windstorm FTW!), I finished S1 of iZombie (which is where Netflix streaming runs out), and saw Episode 6x03 of The Walking Dead (so much hate for the plot outcome of THAT episode. Serious hate).

Books: Still reading The Swan Thieves, but I remembered I had checked out some "New" books (i.e., non-renewable), so I started one of those. Word Puppets is a collection of varied-genre and really satisfying short stories by Mary Robinette Kowal. I could almost think they were the work of lrig_rorrim—they're that good!

Food? I talked to my mother yesterday, who mentioned she'd brought a late birthday cake to my sister's house over Easter. Lemon cake and frosting (actually my Dad's favorite), covered in coconut. YARGH. I hope my sister likes coconut, because Mom used that for "fur" on a cake once, and it ruined the whole cake experience for me. She really likes coconut herself, and that got me thinking about Sno Balls: chocolate cake crumbs molded around 'creme,' covered in marshmallow (a dealbreaker for some people right there), then with pink coconut over all of it. I have to think there are more people who would find part or all of that to be some kind of alien hell, so how do they still exist? :O

All right, back to work. With an eye on the phone and email in case my son has Prom info updates...

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