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Voting for Idol entries ends tomorrow!. My story is here, and there's a link to all entries at the bottom. Lots of great stories to read, and there will be upcoming seasons or mini-seasons that you might be interested in joining. There are a number of people who participate just as readers, and they are a huge help! Maybe that's the right choice for you?

Okay, talking about Idol probably wasn't a surprise. But I have a few:

First, yesterday's bike ride featured a green pickup truck driving on the bike path at about 30mph. The young woman at the wheel must have made it at least 4 miles before turning around and coming back again, and by then she was aware she wasn't allowed to be driving there. But was still going about 30mph! If that were you, wouldn't you slow down so that you don't compound your error by killing or injuring any of the many people using the path the way it was intended? Unbelievable.

Second... boy, I'm glad HalfshellHusband doesn't read my regular journal. We have a cherry tree in the front yard that had almost no fruit last year, and yesterday I was removing weeds and suckers from the bottom and noticed there were snails all the way up the trunk and into some of the branches. LOTS of them. HSH feels the same way about slugs and snails as I would feel if someone were to find tarantulas in that tree. Gah! I removed about 30 snails from the tree itself, as well as others near the base, and put snail bait around the bottom. Went out to re-check today, and found another 5-6 way the heck up there. Whyyyy?!?

Third, in case you still haven't watched this video yet, Surprised Cockatoo for the win!

And fourth, Hugh Laurie is back on television this week in The Night Manager. \o/ Which I will have to download via Torrent, since AMC doesn't allow recording. So irksome—we pay for that channel! And how often do people watch shows live anymore, especially when one of them goes to bed really early? :(

Prom Update: Our son is asking a different girl tomorrow, since the original girl said she would feel weird picking just one boy when she knew both wanted to ask her. So, I hope this works out for him. And that she doesn't laugh at the poster I drew. My skillz are not what they used to be—but better than our son's. :O

Tags: cycling, my_kids, nature is evil, recs-vids, tv

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