The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Prom Drama...

Last night was an ongoing saga of our son and another boy texting back and forth about which of them should ask the girl they both like to the prom. They couldn't settle on one of them knowing her better, and it reached the Prisoner's Dilemna stage of whether one of them would just decide, "Every man for himself!" This culminated in our son driving to the store to buy flowers (because he suspected the other boy would make a move), and the other boy in parallel asking the girl by text (!). And then the backing away and regrouping, as the girl was horrified by the text (just as a concept even, because no kidding—rude!), and she didn't want to be "asked that week."

You would think ALL of the participants were teenage girls, and yes—there were even third-party boys having text-storms in the background with this girl, and side-communications and the whole bit. Criminy.

I suspect (and HalfshellHusband broached this to our son this morning) that this girl is probably hoping someone entirely different will ask her, and our son should just ask his second-choice instead, before it's too late.

As parents, this is all foreign territory to us. Neither of us were "prom" types, and neither was our daughter. Still seems like a lot of weirdness, TBH. Maybe even moreso now! :O

So, was anyone inspired to add Bride And Prejudice (updated Bollywood version of Austen's classic) to their Netflix streaming list after my post the other day? It's worth it, I promise!

Sometimes, it feels as if I'm just talking to myself here. My friends-list used to be so active, and now I have so many people on it who never comment—but post plenty themselves (shy lurkers are different—I understand you, have no fear!). People are in "broadcast" mode instead of interactive mode, and some of them are friends I used to talk to avidly! Maybe they were just here for the fandom-related stories, and I've become totally boring. \o?

Which is to say, I can't tell if random phrases I throw out like college-student pity-cookies need more explanation, or if the meaning is obvious? And to update... the cookies turned out a little "flat-tasting." Either they needed more salt, or my random home-chemistry substitution for the missing milk did not fully work. Perfect texture (crisp edges, soft middle), etc., and they were good, but not their usual "fabulous." :(

God, how is it only Wednesday? I have early morning meetings every Tuesday that make Wednesdays feel like they should be Friday. *drag-drag-drag*

Tags: kitchen mysteries, movies, my_kids, random, recs-movies
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