The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Driving Mr. Ding-a-ling...

Guess who drove to a friend's house on Saturday, walked 2 miles to a mini-mart and back, played video games and basketball until 9pm, and somwhere in the middle of all that, lost his car keys? \o?

After extensive back-and-forth texting about all the places our son should look (and had), I drove over to get him. GAHHHhhh. His friend lives in what HalfshellHusband calls "The Bermuda Triangle" (he always gets lost there), and I was dreading it myself—11pm, rainy night, driving someplace I've never been. It went about how you'd expect. There's a sign for the main street the kid lives off of, but after you turn... that's not the street you're on. I backtracked, I went further up the exit boulevard, I turned around and came back, I tried the other fork, and then finally went back on the road the sign vaguely indicated. The street name I wanted showed up after about 5 blocks around a long curve. The secondary street to turn left on? Not actually connected to that road! There was an intermediate street that didn't show up on Mapquest, and which my son had to tell me about. It was, of course, the unlit sign buried in the trees. The next left-hand turn? A pocket of unlit darkness also buried in trees. SO. MANY. TURNAROUNDS. On the kid's actual street, being that it was dark, you could not see many house numbers. I reached what had to be the general vicinity and texted my son to come out. Seriously, that whole navigation experience was pretty much my nightmare. Sacramento and its burbs have a lot of unlit or barely lit streets, and there is a lack of completion in how street signs are mounted. As in, for a full intersection, one side of one of the corners may be all you get. Possibly the one you cannot read at the moment... *so much aggravation*

Thanks to getting home at midnight, and our son taking over the kitchen the night before, I did not get around to baking our daughter college-student pity-cookies until around 11pm tonight. That was when I discovered that the only milk in the house was sour. *sigh* After internet searching (fruitless), I decided to wing it by substituting water and powdered coffee creamer (for added thickness, sugar, and fat), and hope for the best. I think I might have pulled it off. :O

I worked on my Idol story earlier this week, and then taxes and reading all the Idol stories this weekend. Almost done reading, not quite done with taxes. :O

We also watched The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which was very sweet (I like the cast). And—AND! It reminded me that if I have not mentioned this yet, the Bollywood (Americanized, but I do not care) Bride And Prejudice is available on Netflix streaming right now. Terrific production numbers, catchy tunes, and a really nice updated and yet highly faithful rendering of the original story. Give it a try!

And now, some parting random humor since I'm off to bed (and yet, also piling through Blue Lily, Lily Blue (the third Raven Boys book)). The San Francisco Chronical has a feature called Bad Reporter that appears about once or twice a week. It's news satire, and I got a kick out of this particular one. Doohickey indeed!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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