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Roll up, roll up, the tent is busting...

We watched The Tall Guy with our son last night, mainly because we felt he really needed to see the glorious satire that is Elephant! (The Musical). The whole mini movie of the highlights used to be a single clip on youtube, but that link above takes you to the first of three (21 - 23). So fabulously, utterly wrong! Someone did a fantastic job there of creating catchy tunes with appalling lyrics. Also, there apparently is an actual musical of The Elephant Man now, which proves that people do not learn.

We saw the remake of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. earlier in the week, which was flashy fun. I could hardly keep track of the plot for all of the trash-talking. I seem to recall people complaining about Armie Hammer's Russian accent, which frankly sounds just fine in the context of an American movie (it's a typical American version of a Russian accent). But why does no one mention Henry Cavill's godawful attempt at sounding American? It's really distracting, as in, "What are you doing with those vowels?" Cavill in general was a little distracting—way overbeefed, as if he were going up to or coming down from being Superman. Armie is always cute, though. I'd think Caville would be my type, but clean-cut does not suit him, IMO. I didn't recognize Alicia Vikander at all at first—I initially mistook her for the reincarnation of the young Nadia Comaneci. :O

Started but did not finish the taxes this weekend. :( Started another run that went to 3 miles instead of my goal of 5 (last week I only made it to 4 miles). Ugh. Other things I meant to finish this weekend... had similar results. Urk.

I mentioned reading The Dream Thieves last week, which is the sequel to The Raven Boys. I would not have thought I wanted to read a book about the Ronan character, but he's much more complex from the inside. This story is more highly focused on him, but it really covers all of the characters—including all the psychics who live at Blue's house. I devoured the book at top speed, and now have to wait on hold for the next one. :( Also, I'm in that place where the 'ship I like is not the canon 'ship, which... eh. Thank goodness for random, in-character fanfiction that is relevant to my interests. Warning: Spoilers in the comments.

Deeper into The Swan Thieves now, and about 2/3 through Buffalo Lockjaw (so, I guess I'm reading that one for real?) I hope to be reading more of The Raven Cycle (see above) soon, and there are several ebooks on my wish-list that I may try if I don't get sucked into some random thing I bring home from the library. Less chance of that right now—our local branch is undergoing construction, as they continue their mission of removing most of the books and turning the place into a community center. Can I tell you how much that pisses me off, given that community centers should and do have their own funding? :(

All right, work is looming tomorrow. Still haven't made lunch, either. I hope you all had a good weekend!

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