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31 March 2016 @ 01:06 pm
Last day of March!  
Say, did anyone look at the cockatoo video I linked in the last post? I hate to leave the 'wacky' lying on the table...

I've been watching more iZombie as I bike in the garage. I'm up to about Ep. 1x09 now. The show is surprisingly sweet, and I find I ship Liv with practically everyone. Major, of course (poor guy), and I like Lowell, and also find Ravi utterly adorable (so I would be all over that). No Babineaux ship, because the character is great but the actor doesn't physically appeal to me. I keep thinking he needs eyebrows, even though he does actually have them. I'm pretty sure there's a contingent out there somewhere that ships Liv with her roommate, too...

I realized the other day that Lowell is the same actor who played Arthur in Merlin (and I definitely like him better with darker hair). I was wandering around youtube a few months back, and stumbled on some vids for that show. I would love to ship the slashy potential, but Merlin himself isn't actually attractive to me (sorry, for those of you who love him). However, I did watch a gag reel that made me think about certain aspects of editing and production that somehow never occurred before. There's a scene with Arthur and his men where they're on horseback, discussing an impending battle or something, and everyone is looking serious and majestic... and then Arthur's horse randomly decides to break into a dance audition. Arthur tries to ignore it and stay in character, but the horse just keeps going while all of the other horses behave themselves. And I thought, Training only goes so far when an animal gets bored. It's not like you can explain "Time is money" to him.

In long meetings, a part of me IS that horse.

I devoured The Dream Thieves, and have the next book on "hold". More on that tomorrow or later. I'm taking a bye for Idol this week, and I _will_ start the taxes and clean up the LEGO project in the living room.

I swear it will be done...

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cindy: fangirltsuki_no_bara on April 1st, 2016 04:38 am (UTC)
i feel that way about babineaux too! with the eyebrows. also, ravi is THE BEST. and super cute. be warned, tho - izombie gets darker. still good! and still really sweet. just... kinda dark.

i thought the guy who played merlin was cute, but it's possible that many types are my type. :D and i thought arthur looked weird with dark hair, but also pretty hot. i liked lowell too, so that helped.
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on April 1st, 2016 04:47 am (UTC)
It's funny, I was so sure that Babineaux might be missing most facial hair altogether, and then I realized that the eyebrows ARE there. They're just not proportional to his face, so they seem invisible. Glad it's not just me. :O

I wasn't really familiar with Arthur (just in passing), so the actor registered more for me as Lowell. In general, blond men are far less appealing to me (which is my issue, not theirs), so the dark hair was a total win.

You know, the first thing I saw Hayden Christensen in (since I was too old to tolerate the second group of Star Wars movies) was "Life as a House." He had very dark hair in that role, and looked gorgeous. Too bad that is not his actual coloring! Because in regular mode... eh.