The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

I sense a weekend approaching...

I've read all the Idol entries for this week (my entry is here), so I can enjoy our daughter's visit for the few days she's here. ETA is tomorrow morning! \o/

We don't have any real plans for that time, other than just being with her. (Probably not to the point of staring at her while she sleeps, but you never know...) Afterwards, I'll have a few days during which I may possibly go to the snow with the younger one, and will definitely break out Turbo Tax (ugh).

We can't really go much of anywhere as a family, because HalfshellHusband's hip is killing him, and he has about an hour limit on car travel. Followed by mostly not moving. This has been going on since that bike crash in late October, when he broke his wrist. He seems to have sprained something in the hip (which can be fixed only by an unknowable amount of time), and also awakened the hip's realization that a replacement was going to be needed someday... so why not start agitating for it now? :(

TV wise, I hit the end of S5 of The Walking Dead while biking in the garage last Saturday, and realized there was no "next" button on Netflix. Panic! So, I downloaded Season 6 off the Internet. We pay for that channel, but AMC won't let you record it. Yes, more than 30 years after the invention of the VHS machine. \o?

For books, I finished The Raven Boys last week, and really liked it. There's a surprise about 4/5ths of the way through that made me go back and see if that twist was substantiated earlier. It was—you just tend to gloss over it the first time. I have the sequel in my library "hold" list now. I'm also reading The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, which is entertaining but has me thinking a lot—in a, "this science does not hold up" kind of way. If you are reliving the same life again and again... how can all of those other people possibly be pulled in by your "reset" button? If they're multiverses of the same thing, what makes YOU so special that you keep restarting and they don't? And what about other people like you who also reset, and whose time period overlaps with yours? How does that even work? OTOH, the people with this condition (kalachakra, they call themselves) have formed a Cronus Club across countries and time, and do their best to have ready financial support for the people who are reborn (all of whom regain their memories around age 3). That way, as soon as they can pen a coherent letter, they can ask to be rescued from their boring lives as children and get back to a situation that matches their mental capabilities. The resentment over having to go through potty-training again and again is pretty amusing. ;)

So, any plans for those of you who have next week off as Spring Break? What about for the weekend in general?

Tags: books, hsh, me, my_kids, tv

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